Yoga poses to relieve gas Virginia

January 29, 2018

Yet another day and I truly hope it's different. No more frequent stomach pain, no more difficulty in passing motion, no more headaches throughout the day, could this really be possible? I mean, it's just getting so annoying by the day – this whole feeling of being constipated. And I really wish something could relieve me of it.

For some of us, this is a dialogue which we may have with ourselves almost every day. For, constipation has become a daily affair. And, we generally tend to confuse it as a disease; rather, it's a symptom. A symptom for pelvic diseases and stomach disorders, if not treated at the right time. But we often tend to take constipation casually.

Well, as they say, prevention is always better than cure. So, the best way to prevent it is to inculcate yoga in our daily life. A few minutes of daily yoga practice can help take care of infrequent bowel movements, prevent straining and bloating of stomach and keep you happy and at peace all day.

How does constipation happen?

Constipation has different meanings for different people. For some, untimely stools means constipation while for some, it is the passage of hard stool. Whatever may be the case, the most common explanation for the cause of this problem is undoubtedly our unhealthy lifestyle.

Inappropriate work hours, less time for rest and intake of too much junk food harm our body in a way which we fail to notice. Also, a diet low on fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, especially food low on fibre, causes constipation. Less intake of water is another reason.

Yoga to the rescue

But the good news is, there's nothing to worry about because before constipation gets serious and results in other stomach disorders, we can take care of it with regular practice of yoga exercises. Infrequent bowel movements leads to straining and bloating of stomach and is not taken care at time they lead to hazardous pelvic diseases. Treatment helps many people find relief from constipation. But as we say prevention is better than cure. So the best way to prevent it is to inculcate Yoga in our daily routine.

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