Yoga poses for Runners Virginia

July 25, 2018
Yoga for running

"Ann is a fabulously clear and effective yoga teacher. After taking her first summer class, I have never stopped practicing yoga. I have seen tremendous changes in my strength, flexibility, and even running endurance. She instructs others with a kind manner, and her nonjudgmental approach is quite effective for instructing students."

- Karen S.

"Ann's positive energy is contagious. I love that her classes not only leave me feeling centered and calm, but also confident and ready to conquer the day's challenges. On the days I take her class, I feel more limber and alert. Her yoga classes have inspired me to incorporate yoga moves into my daily routine. I now typically do a few sun salutations before working out to get a good stretch."

- Abby

"I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for the past 10 years but have never been inspired enough to stick to a regular schedule until I took Ann’s class. From the first seated hip circle, you begin to feel the burdens of the world being lifted from your shoulders. Ann has a wonderfully gentle spirit that guides you through each pose with plenty of instruction. I’ve always been a fairly 'bendy' person but through Ann’s classes have gained even greater flexibility. My proudest moment (so far!) has been mastering Crow pose. I credit Ann’s patient and well-articulated directions for this accomplishment!”

- Sarah

"I began doing yoga to improve overall flexibility and specifically to counter some stiffness from running. I have found the stretching poses in Ann's class to be far more useful in improving range of motion, and reducing joint pain due to tight ligaments than any other classes I've attended. Ann is a clear instructor; her prompts are easy to follow and she models them well, with tips for getting the most out of each pose. Ann designs practices with pose sequences which transition smoothly, so it's easy to achieve a natural flow, with your body ready to move naturally into each new position. The runner's stretching sequences I've gotten from Ann are almost the only practice I do when I'm at home alone, and a few are part of my daily stretching routine for running, even when I'm not doing a full yoga practice."

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