Falls Church Pilates Virginia

January 18, 2017
2735 Hartland Rd
Ste 100
Falls Church, VA 22043
(703) 204-2200

I really really love this place. The attitude of all the instructors is positive and motivating. They make it a community where we are all trying to improve, whether we are just starting out or we've been doing pilates for many years. I love that the classes aren't too large - it makes it possible to get individual attention and feedback. Eurona, the studio owner and teacher of most of the mat and barre classes, really cares about her students' growth. She adjusts classes to meet her students' levels and she shows different modifications so we are all challenged in every class. She also changes up the classes (and the music) all the time so every class is different and fun! She also offered me a discounted private lesson after I talked about having lower back pain in mat class, and the class helped me find what I was doing wrong. I went to the Monday night yoga class for the first time last night and I was surprised how much I loved it and how much strength and flexibility I've gained over the past 9 months of going to Epiphany pilates. I told the instructor that I'm not flexible and I have no upper body strength, but I was wrong! I surprised myself with how much I could do. Also...the class is wonderful - relaxing and challenging at the same time. I haven't felt that stress free since after my last massage.

Before I begin my review this is plug if you haven't looked at the Yelp events section you're missing out. I went to Epiphany Pilates for their open house on 4/10/16 (which I found out about while exploring the Yelp Events Page). I signed up for the yoga class and stayed for a demonstration of the Pilates chair and Reformer. The yoga class was good and the studio space is nice. I liked the fact that teacher really broke down the positions for the "newbies" in class. My only complaint / suggestion to the teacher would be to offer props before the class begins or hand them out during moves that might require them. I really enjoyed learning more about Pilates. I am not a fan of Pilates mat (although I know it is really good for you) but it turns out after trying a couple of moves on the Pilates chair and Reformer, I actually like non-mat Pilates. I was the "good sore" the next day from just doing a couple of moves on the Pilates Reformer. I can see how doing Pilates Reformer on a regular basis can change your body. I am seriously thinking about signing up for a class pack for the Reformer in the future. The studio only has 2 Pilates Reformer machines and they don't have a set schedule. It is my understanding (talking to other women at the open house) that you buy/book a package and the studio sets up an appointment/scheduled time for you (sometimes with someone else who is available at the same time) based on your availability. It appears based on what I saw at the open house, it would be a much more personalized experience at Epiphany than a place like Solidcore (thou to be fair I haven't tried them, yet). Although, the studio space is tiny; it is comfortable. It is located in office park so be aware when you park (don't believe it is metro accessible) you have to walk around (and thru a couple of doors) to enter. It is the kinda of place that might be hard to find at 1st but after you visit once you get it. In other words give yourself some extra time if you're trying a class for the 1st time. The prices for yoga and Pilates are not cheap but not outrageous for the area (from what I can tell in the brochure I picked up). I can't give Epiphany a 5 star review because my experience is based on a very limited experience. In a nutshell if you're new to Pilates or need a low key yoga studio to increase your flexibility check out Epiphany.

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