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March 10, 2017
TRIK - Class
"The positive studio experience that the Superfun Yogapants Pop Ups give to our clientele add value in which I am very grateful as a studio owner. Our clients love the pant selection, the enthusiasm the Superfun rep shares for the products and the darling, whimsical signature tent set up. Whether clients leave with a pair of pants or not, I see them walking out of our studio doors as if they had a pleasant shopping experience with their best friend. The Superfun rep is extremely organized and self sufficient, making the entire event so easy for me and studio staff, that we take participate in the party, too! Having said that, my confidence in the execution of the event itself is so high, that I have actually not had to participate, which is a rare gift for studio owner!"

– A. Poston | Owner, Smart Barre | Fort Worth, TX

"Love Amy and her amazing collection of yoga pants. She sized me immediately and I fell in love with the very first pair I tried on. They fit like a glove. I never knew that yoga pants could feel so amazing and smooth. She's selling only the best of the best. Loved everything she presented. Can't wait to order more. :)"

– S. Dennehy | Richmond, VA

"Stockyard CrossFit has hosted several pop-up events with SuperFun yoga pants and it is always an enjoyable experience for our clients and guests. The excitement of anticipating the day of the event is always notable and lends itself to being a very well attended day at the gym. For our clients, the experience of the day goes well beyond the purchase of a pair(s) of exercise pants. Superfun has the uncanny ability to provide an shopping experience that far exceeds the parameters of the usual buying experience. Our clients love the product, they love the uniqueness of the Superfun apparel, they have a great time at the party and exude smiles and laughter...all of which make for a "Superfun" day at Stockyard CrossFit. For us, a place where self-confidence is championed, we have a unified campaign with the mission of Superfun Yoga Pants leaving our members with a memorable experience and clothing that makes them feel good in their skin."
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