Bikram Yoga clothes Virginia

January 28, 2017
Of Bikram Yoga Westfield
11495 Sunset Hills Rd
Ste 100
Reston, VA 20190
(703) 437-5333

I wish the owner would pay more attention to smaller details. Would it be that difficult to make small efforts like adding Kleenex to the bathroom counter and actual hand soap that hasn't been watered down by the cleaning service? Maybe wipe down the walls in the yoga room every now and then? Otherwise, I love Bikram. I'm super grateful for the hardwood floor and kind teachers. Some are kind and some are just weird and egotistical. There's no need to be cocky to your students. I know they are contractors but they need to be guided and more managed. For the most part, the instructors are fantastic. They really help you with your poses and they have dramatically changed my practice. Once you go to enough classes, you'll learn who to steer clear from and who's class to book. What's with the cold lavender wash clothes that I've read about? The studio certainly isn't hurting for business so why not spring to bring them back? And geez, get real hand soap. I LOVED my instructor today: Malina. Her pace is fantastic for the class and she is just full of good energy and positivity. She told me today that they are working on bringing hot Pilates, so I'm looking forward to checking that out. It seems there are Yoga studios around the country that offer more. I wish Reston Yoga would update the space and add small details that customers would truly appreciate.

This studio is just ok. It is located in an older office building and there is really not a lot of decoration or ambiance. It just looks pretty run down and has a musty smell. The locker room has two showers, so after the 6am class, expect to stand in line for the shower. The water pressure in the shower was extremely uncomfortable and it felt like a pressure washer. Next time I will probably go to a class at a time where I don't have to get ready there. The class I took was 90 minutes. It was pretty good. The instructor was friendly and walked you through every pose. Unlike other yoga classes that I have taken, the instructor did not come around and correct your posture/form of you were not doing the pose correctly. The price of the yoga classes here are astronomical. For the quality of the studio and amenities they offer, I do not think I will be coming back.

Love this Studio! The teachers are all very good and after 4 years I still learn new things from each of them. A great thing about Bikram is that one can continue to expand their practice; especially here where the teachers show you the correct posture to get the full benefit. Most make a point to know everyone's name in class. The owner continually updates the facility, and lately with new showers. My favorite place to start the day!

Horrible experience here. During my first class, I was pretty dehydrated and felt like I was going to faint the whole time. Reggie kept barking at me the entire class and when I would need water even after the first 30 minutes (as you're not supposed to drink any during this time), he would yell at me to put it down. I practice yoga regularly and I've never had a teacher this strict and unwilling to let an individual listen to one's body for the poses too. I get it, mind over matter and you need to push yourself, but I was not properly hydrated for my first class and Reggie needed to lay off. He's a good teacher but this experience really ticked me off. I took classes with Carol and she's great, I recommend her. What compelled me to write this review now is that I forgot my yoga mat last class. I only had a card so they had to put $10 of credit on my account for the $4 rental. Okay, fine. I'm going off to college tomorrow and went to go use the rest of my credit and pick up some drinks. The door's wide open and no one's at the front desk. I go around back to see if I can find someone and the lady opens the door and angrily says that the class has started and she's not accepting anyone else. I'm obviously not dressed for yoga, lady. I explained my situation quickly and she said I don't care you have to wait until my class is over and shuts the door in my face. Are you kidding me? I'm never coming back here again. If you're considering getting a groupon here or buying a package, don't. They're incredibly unprofessional, I've been doing yoga for years and have honestly never had this bad of an experience. Go to Down Dog or Corepower, it's a better workout and much better environment.

For the yoga itself I would say it was standard. As for the staff, I will not go again. I felt they were rude and condescending. If you aren't one of their regulars you are treated poorly. Went twice and twice was too much.

Reston is probably my favorite bikram studio, though it is one of the smaller ones. It is a rectangular room with "hardwood" but squishy (probably rubber) flooring, which I find to be very sanitary. Between classes, they wipe down the floors and mirrors because there is a lot of condensation. All in all, I've noticed that this studio never really smells as bad as the other studios. There are strange sky+cloud light coverings over the fluorescent lights amongst the ceiling tiles (reminiscent of those found in schoolrooms) that I like to stare at when in savasana and try to see faces in the clouds. Honestly, they kind of clash with the lilac purples walls haha. Dressing room is decent sized, but you will definitely have to dodge people going in or out based on the cramped layout. Overall it's pretty bare and not too much to speak of. Note: This is the only studio that does not give you a cold towel at the end. Best Perk: Barcode key tags for easy scanning upon check-in. No sign-in necessary!

This studio is bright and airy and the instructors I met were very nice and were kind to me as a beginner but also helped to correct my form and encouraged me to push beyond the limits I had set for myself in my mind. Bikram is not for everyone. Make sure you are hydrated and bring towels. As they say, the goal of your first class is to not leave the room! I was looking forward to the cool lavender towel at the end of the 90 min class but they no longer offer them.

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