Yoga seed Collective Virginia

November 7, 2020
| The Sacramento Bee

I've been continually humbled by small experiments in holding space for labors-of-love at our yoga shala. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to broaden the shala's reach by sharing my experience with a group of recent graduates of yoga teacher training programs.

I facilitated a workshop at the Yoga Seed Collective in Sacramento on 'Incubation, Design, and Manifestation of a Labor-of-Love project'. I started with a presentation about the shala and how we do our best to lead with values. That sparked a lively discussion, and from there, we broke into small groups to study three key concepts- creative constraints, design, and multiple forms of capital (all materials found through the ServiceSpace ecosystem). Then we had time for a personal deep dive, filling out an extensive canvas-style worksheet, partner sharing, and group brainstorming. I think everyone got a lot out of it! I certainly did :) I'm thinking of doing it again with shala students and opening up to all kinds of labor-of-love projects, including designing our personal lives around multiple forms of capital.

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