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February 19, 2017
Hot yoga

Edie Fischer, Owner, Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

Edie Fischer E-RYT was first introduced to Hot Yoga in the late 90’s during a business trip to San Francisco. She fell in love with the physical and spiritual benefits of the practice, within a few years Edie felt the calling to teach. In the summer of 2006, Edie attended Jimmy Barkan’s Yoga teacher training program in Fort Lauderdale and received her Hot Yoga certification. Edie has had the amazing opportunity to teach under the Yax brothers and Becky Crigger who supported her on her journey, for which she is truly grateful. After working 20 years as a Senior Corporate Manager she decided to pursue her passion as a yoga teacher and in 2007 opened Hot Yoga & Massage Studio, in Newport News, VA.

Edie has continued her training by studying with world renowned yoga teachers; Rolf Gates, Judith Lassiter, and Beryl Bender Birch. She has also had the opportunity to study yogic philosophy with Dr. Graham Schweig, PhD, author and comparative religion professor.

Edie brings her knowledge, compassion, and love of yoga to her community. Her love of yoga and years and years of experience is evident in the way she nurtures her students and the enthusiastic manner in which she conducts each class. Her focus is in technique, alignments, and modifications allowing each practitioner to experience yoga with success. Edie’s gift to her students and teachers alike is the ability to tailor specific needs of each student allowing the individual to find their yogic path. She has truly found her life’s calling and is thankful for those who have supported her. Edie’s passion for yoga is evident in the way she lives her life, teaches, and inspires others.

Kasia Litwak, Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

Kasia Litwak believes that Hot Yoga holds a unique power because everyone can do it, and everyone benefits from it. Kasia studied Exercise Science at Old Dominion University. Her life was changed when her Father introduced her to Hot Yoga. Seeing how yoga has transformed her Father’s life, she decided to give it a try, not knowing what to expect. She immediately developed a very strong passion for the physical exercise as well as the mental and spiritual practice, and decided to change her course of life. In the summer of 2007, Kasia attended Jimmy Barkan’s Yoga teacher training program in Fort Lauderdale and received her level I certification. Since gaining her certification she has redirected her passion toward teaching Yoga and imparting the physical, mental and spiritual harmony and subsequent rejuvenation the Yoga provides. In the classroom, she ensures the benefits of a conditioned body, quiets the chattering mind, and surrenders into the moment, creating a peaceful lifestyle both on and off the mat. Kasia is very grateful for the opportunity she has been given to share her passion in the yoga studio.

Michelle, Certified Registered Yoga TeacherLeeanne Robinson, Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

Leeanne Robinson knows that Yoga can literally save a life! After suffering a series of medical difficulties, a chance meeting with Edie Fischer (who offered a free Hot Yoga class) put Leeanne on the road back to health and mental rejuvenation. Finding her so-called niche with a mat and towel, Leeanne wanted to give back all that she had received through her practice. Attending Body Balance Studio teachers' training, she received her 200 RYT certification with Yoga Alliance along with anatomy and philosophy instruction. She is also working with special needs children in the Newport News school system to offer the coping skills through yoga practice.

Leeanne is grateful for the opportunity to enhance others with her yoga classes and continues her education through workshops and seminars.

Brady, Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

Brady was first introduced to yoga in the summer of 2006, little did she know that yoga would become a major part of her life. She continued to regularly practice yoga and took her first hot yoga class a year later. There was something about the heat that kept her coming back and she began craving the heat. Brady has a background in health and wellness and she received her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health Fitness from the University of South Carolina. She currently works as a Health Promotion Program Coordinator. Brady is hoping to pursue a second degree in Dietetics to become a Registered Dietician.

During her junior year of college she entertained the idea of going through a teacher training program. Originally to deepen her own practice, she attended a Multi-Style certification program and is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200-RYT. When possible Brady reads yoga literature and attends workshops to broaden her knowledge. She finds that through teaching she gains the same benefits as practicing asana. She hopes that she can inspire her students to find the mental and physical benefits so they can grow and deepen their practice. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, friends, cooking and baking.

Heather Engel, Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

After many years as a group fitness instructor, Heather found herself turning to yoga to help deal with stress and injury, and credits her practice with bringing balance, healing, and wellness to her life. She has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 10 years, studying Anusara, Iyengar, Bikram, and restorative styles of yoga. Heather loves helping her students build their practice, balance strength and flexibility, and approach poses in different ways.

When she isn't doing yoga, Heather is a mom to two toddlers, earning her MBA, and working as a computer security analyst.

Carl, Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

Carl started taking yoga for exercise and weight loss approximately two years ago. Although, he lost a substantial amount of weight, this was not the reason he continued to practice. Carl found that yoga helped improve his focus on and off the mat and did wonders for his overall mental and physical well being. So after an extended period of consistent practice Carl decided that he would like to share the gift of yoga with others in hope that they could experience the same benefits that yoga has to offer. Carl received his 200 RYT certificate in August 2010 from Becky Crigger, through In Balance Yoga Studio in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Carl is currently studying at Old Dominion University and enjoys many outdoor activities such as: kayaking, fishing, going to the beach, and just enjoying nature.

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