Yoga Retreat Costa Rica Virginia

November 30, 2022

Breathe. Explore. Deepen Your Practice.

We love our studio. We love our lives. Sometimes, though, we just need to get away and re-engage our focus. MYBO offers a number of local, national, and international yoga retreats throughout the year. A MYBO Retreat is the perfect combination of mediation, yoga, and vacation. During a retreat, you may find yourself overlooking a beautiful, lush valley or meditating with the soothing sounds of the ocean in the background.

Our retreats offer the MYBO family—students and guides alike—the opportunity to further our practice, connect with nature and other cultures, and share an adventure with other yoga devotees.

Retreat packages typically include:

  • Beautiful lodging
  • A lineup of optional classes
  • Amazing photo opportunities
  • Fun, recreational activities (optional)
  • Group outings / alone time (time for both!)
  • Food prepared based on dietary needs and requests (in advance)
  • Massage and other treatments provided by MYBO guides and staff
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