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May 21, 2019
4 Day Restorative Yoga Retreat

At some point, it may be worthwhile to take a deep dive into yoga, meditation and an intensive re-examination of life.

This is not a comprehensive list and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any of them. A retreat requires a sizable investment of money, time, and energy so candidates should carefully select the appropriate center according to their needs, budget and goals. You should be convinced that the curriculum is what you want.

  • Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts is one of the leading centers of week-long and weekend intensive courses. It also provides other services for revitalization.
  • eOmega: an organization that holds course and retreats at its two sites (New York and Texas). Some of the leading figures in yoga, alternative health and other area hold course here.
  • Himalayan Institute (The Art of Joyful Living), in northeastern Pennsylvania, is lead by an Indian spiritual movement following the teachings of Swami Rama of the Himalayas. Also publishes Yoga International.
  • Life Balance Institute [MLS: currently unavailable] is a non-profit training organization, located in California, dedicated to helping you develop essential life skills that will lead you to experience more clarity and choice in your life. It was founded by entrepreneur and former Esquire magazine editor-in-chief and C.E.O., Phillip Moffitt. See his personal site, Dharma Wisdom [MLS: Offline]
  • This center is one of the leading Buddhist centers in the country.

A growing trend is yoga retreats abroad, whether it be a pilgrimage to India or a tropical beach front in the Caribbean, with a structured schedule of instruction, practice and meditation, usually led by a big-name teacher. Indeed, organizing these outings allow many teachers to make ends meet. Sometimes they are centered on teacher training. In any case, you better be sure you can tolerate a week or more together with the same people.

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