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July 3, 2020
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My experience here was great! The staff was friendly and welcoming. They offer an array of different classes for newbies and experienced yoga people. I must say a very clean studio! Looking forward to my next class.

Loved the location, the energy of the building and the instructor. My only issue, and I think it may be a bikram practice, is the carpet. Even if you wet vac that bad boy after every class, it still is going to gross me out. Why does hot yoga need to have carpet? Check it out, but mentally prepare yourself for carpet.

THIS STUDIO ROCKS! I've had several wonderful experiences here & not just in the practice. I'm from another state so I only practice here 1week 2x a year and I look forward to it. The character of the space is so adorable, super cozy & even energizing! The instructors are dedicated, lovely & consistent. The owners are super accommodating. They have stretched my package of classes in the past to accommodate my distance AND gave me an amazing deal this time around!!! Love love love! Thank you guys see you again soon. NAMASTE Alison Gladieux

I suffer with Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease which causes arthritis. The Yoga helps, but the Bikram Yoga in the Hot 105d Studio is AMAZING! Walking into the room in the morning - the most difficult time of my day - I feel my muscles start to relax. By the time we're done with the first breathing exercises, my elbows are usually touching and I feel my body limber as we move throughout the intense workout. When I leave, after a quick shower and change, I'm set for days of better movement, physical ability, and mental clarity. I often do modified poses and use the folding chair to support me getting up and down, but the pace is doable and the instructors keep a watchful eye on me, ready to offer help if I need it. The only drawbacks - upstairs... ugh! and they're growing... going to need more space SOON! Join in and let's work together to improve this incredible offering in Lynchburg!

Great workout and a wonderful addition to the Lynchburg community!!! Gretchen and Sarah have done a great job adjusting to the demand and have been slowly adding more classes to their original schedule. The only drawback is the changing areas are EXTREMELY tiny/crowded and if you want privacy to change, you have to leave the changing area and go to the restroom. Also, you will be SOPPING WET when class is over and there are really no facilities where you can shower and change easily. Hopefully, as support grows, they might move into a larger space? Finishing this class is one of the most exhilarating experiences...check it out!

thank you sarah and gretchen for bringing bikram yoga to lynchburg. the classes are challenging but the physical and mental benefits are amazing. all of the teachers are supportive and encouraging. it's a beautiful space to become better.

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