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October 2, 2017
Of Balance, Your Pilates

Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer, Owner

Kimber McQueen is the Program Director and Owner of BALANCE. She has a BFA in Performance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BA in Sociology from James Madison University. While rehabilitating a broken foot that prevented her from dancing, Kimber discovered pilates. She was instantly hooked.

In May of 1999, she received her certification in STOTT PILATES®, one of the most highly respected and sought after certifications in the field of pilates. Later that year, she opened her first studio.

During her career, Kimber has had the pleasure of working with clients of all fitness levels and abilities— from the professional athlete to those with special issues and everyone inbetween. It this experience that has resulted in the development of a clear and precise teaching style dedicated to helping her clients achieve measurable results.

In 2004, Kimber was invited to become a STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer, and that August BALANCE was named the STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Center of Virginia joining the distinguished ranks of only 27 facilities in the US with the ability to train instructors in the STOTT PILATES® method. BALANCE began its first series of certification courses in January of 2005 and to date Kimber and her team of instructor trainers have trained hundreds of new instructors throughout Virginia.

Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

Dia’s love of movement started at a young age. Her passion for riding horses and dancing ballet became a foundation for her resonance with incorporating alignment principles in both athletics and dance. As a young adult, Dia came upon an inspiring mentor who was both a personal trainer and pilates teacher. This influence brought her to pursue her own practice and ultimate certification with STOTT PILATES. Dia is a focused teacher with a compassionate personality and deep love of moving. She teaches with creativity, technical skill and passion.

Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

Heather Mazeika graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1997 with a degree in Design. She went on to work as a graphic designer, first in Philadelphia, then Richmond, until 2008, and the birth of her son.

Heather’s completed 2 marathons and 6 half marathons, as well as 20 triathlons. She’s had a passion for fitness since her first Monument Ave 10K in 2001, and it just snowballed from there! After years of exercises and event specific training, Heather was diagnosed with two tears in her shoulder that could only be fixed with surgery. Because surgery was not an option at the time, she decided to look for alternative ways to build strength and gain back mobility. That’s when she discovered pilates. In the years she’s been doing pilates she’s regained significant strength and mobility. It’s not perfect, but it is oh, so much better. Pilates has helped her get stronger and become even more aware of her body and it’s movements helping her avoid injury – during both mommy activities and sporting activities.

Because of her passion for pilates and fitness, Heather decided to change careers. She began her formal pilates education through STOTT PILATES® at Balance Pilates Training Center in 2010. She wanted to do something that allowed her to share her knowledge and love of fitness and help others correct imbalances and practice proper form, so they too can prevent further injury.

Heather’s outside life is consumed by her 3-year old son, husband, 2 cats and 1 dog. When she can, she enjoys trips to the Smith Mountain Lake and the Ocean City, NJ, and enjoying a drink with her friends.

Kristen Mullins graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Virginia Commonwealth University. She spent the following ten years as a buyer and store merchandiser in Richmond’s own Carytown.

In the year 2000, she discovered Pilates. Having a background as a synchronized swimmer, gymnast, and dancer she was amazed at how it perfectly complemented her athletic history and was immediately hooked.

Kristen began suffering back issues during her first pregnancy. She found that keeping her core strong through Pilates was the only way to keep the pain at bay and continued her practice through another pregnancy and years to follow.

In 2010, after having taken a break from the retail world to raise her two daughters she knew it was time to get back to work. She decided to explore another career path and registered for the STOTT PILATES® Mat and Reformer training courses. The following year she joined the balance Pilates family where continues to share the amazing benefits of Pilates with her clients every day.

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