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March 7, 2024

Kunga Yoga is for everyone, regardless of shape, size, or athletic ability!

Through Teacher Trainings, Yoga Classes, and Service Retreats yoga enthusiasts have an opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyle choices while raising money to improve their community.

Kunga Yoga classes are unique in that they offer the spirit of our mission of yoga as a path of service, and each month, offers a focused theme on how we can practice our yoga in the world. All Kunga Yoga teachers make a commitment to offer 5 percent of the proceeds from their classes to the Kunga Fund which benefits underserved populations.

Kunga classes are non-dogmatic, open classes such as Kunga Basic Flow, Kunga Power Flow, Kunga HOT Slow Flow, Kunga Relax & Restore, etc. Each month the service theme is open to the teacher’s interpretation, and throughout the year, teachers organize volunteer events for the Kunga students to get involved.

The mission for all Kunga classes is to continually build a community of big hearts and dirty hands, of folks that want to live our slogan: “Learn, Laugh, Grow, SERVE!”

Kunga Yoga Teacher Trainings

Are you looking for a way to mesh your love of yoga with your desire to be of service to your local community? Do you long to experience the mind-expanding challenges of traveling to new countries while also working to help the people that live there? Kunga Yoga Teacher Trainings at Wilmington Yoga can help you do all of this and more!

Those who register for Kunga Yoga Teacher Training at Wilmington Yoga will enjoy a 300-hour course offering basic and advanced training that meets the Yoga Alliance’s highest standard of excellence. Through this unique style of education, we believe that yoga students and teachers can become leaders and agents of positive change in the community. We also believe that the community extends far beyond our zip code, use Kunga Yoga as a tool for financially supporting orphanages in other countries.

Wilmington Yoga is proud to offer teachers in training a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the idea of yoga as a service through philosophies of self-care, building up communities, fundraising, and the donation of personal time.

Trainees and graduates from the Kunga Yoga program at Wilmington Yoga are given the opportunity to bring yoga classes to underserved people in the community, as well as volunteering for international expeditions through Kunga Journeys retreats. In some cases, our participants are responsible for exposing people to yoga for the very first time in their lives!

Kunga teacher training at Wilmington Yoga incorporates both eastern and western modalities. We purposefully design our classes to be non-dogmatic, with a focus on individual empowerment and having fun with yoga!

At Wilmington Yoga, the Kunga Yoga School program is a fantastic way to challenge yourself and help your community. This program offers yoga and the arts to people of all health and experience levels, and abilities and encourages playful connection to each other and the Earth through yoga.

Launched in 2003, we’ve had the pleasure of training dozens of teachers since starting this program. Our teachers fulfill their mission of service by offering Kunga Yoga classes with a monthly, community-focused theme, and graciously contributing 5 percent of any proceeds generated by their classes to the Kunga fund for inadequately-served populations.

Kunga Journeys Service Retreats

Kunga Journeys service retreats are unique yoga retreats that combine volunteering, fundraising, cultural immersion, and adventure! Kunga Journeys was founded in 2007 and has fundraised and worked with orphans from Rwanda, Jamaica, India, Thailand and Bali. International Kunga Journeys are offered annually and focus on volunteering and fundraising for the Homes of Hope Orphanage in Kerala, India.

Kunga Journeys participants become ambassadors for the Kunga mission by fundraising and volunteering. Each year Kunga Journeys chooses a new orphanage to support in a developing country. North American Kunga Journeys work with various non-profits that support children, animals, and the environment. Kunga Journeys are challenging, rewarding, life-changing events for the participants and the children; creating cross cultural connections and friendships that last a lifetime.

Kunga Yoga Mission & Vision

In Kinyerwandan, “kunga” means “to serve or help”.

Like all Kunga Yoga courses, the ultimate goal of our endeavor here at Wilmington Yoga is to represent yoga and its teachings as way to live in constant service to the planet, its inhabitants, and all living things.

At their heart, our Kunga Yoga courses and trips are designed to inspire all people to pursue a healthy lifestyle, give of their time and energy to the community and work to become an agent of positive change in the world. The word “kunga” was chosen as the title for this program in an effort to honor the very first group of people we worked with: children who had all been orphaned by the genocide in Rwanda.

At Wilmington Yoga, the Kunga mission is achieved through three different programs: Kunga Yoga Teacher Training School (available in 200 & 300 Hour programs), service-based yoga retreats called Kunga Journeys, and Kunga Yoga that are offered to the public at various time and locations.

Through our Kunga Yoga programs, Wilmington Yoga strives to encourage connection and acceptance between cultures. We accomplish this by teaching individuals how to see their personal yoga practice and healthy life habits as a chance to be of service to others. We will never stop working to connect volunteers, donors, yoga students, and yoga teachers with the people who need their help, both at home and abroad.

Values That Guide Our Service Through Kunga Yoga

At Wilmington Yoga, we believe these values should serve as the foundation of all we do and create. These values are universal and apply to all people who share our desire to live a healthy life that revolves around giving, serving, and caring for our community. These values are the heart and soul of all Kunga Yoga programs.

  1. We value Community
  2. We value Having Fun!
  3. We value Movement
  4. We value the Healing & Performing Arts
  5. We value Kindness & Compassion
  6. We value optimal Health-of our Minds, Bodies & our Planet
  7. We value Integrity
  8. We value Non-Violent Communication
  9. We value Balance
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