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March 7, 2021
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Will Duncan has been formally studying meditation and scripture with his teachers for three decades. He teaches scripture, philosophy and yogic theory throughout the world and is known for bringing humor and light-heartedness into his teaching style. He strives always to show the relevance of ancient scripture in our day-to-day busy lives. In 2014 Will completed a traditional three-year silent meditation retreat.


A true master at mixing charitable laughter and gracious humility, Will Duncan makes the long road of awakening fun and accessible. His deep knowledge of wisdom teachings is matched by the compassion of his wit and candor. Learning with Will is a chance to polish one's suffering with good-hearted humor.
Jay Ruby, Director, The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater Company

Picture“Will Duncan walked around a podium for nearly two hours while we sat rapt, hanging on his every word… I was intrigued before I heard him talk, and I left in awe, admiration, and deep appreciation.”
Marieke Slovin
"Will is a dynamic and gifted teacher who has the power to transform lives. A truely original thinker Will brings a much needed grounded authenticity and humor to the spiritual path.
Matt Immergut PhD, Associate Professor S.U.N.Y. Purchase

Will Duncan takes on the goal of opening eyes and opening hearts in talks, discussions and teachings on Dharma. He has studied many traditional practices and uses each one to go deeper on the path of awakening. His charm, character and devotion are his tools and consciousness his field. In the end what he reveals is the exquisite beauty of human beings.
Lisa Schrempp, Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Teacher, Founder of Ashtanga Yoga Tucson

“Will Duncan leaves such a deep impression on my university students. He taps into spiritual essentials in ways that resonate with them regardless of their religious background. At the end of every semester in which he has guest lectured the students course evaluations come back saying that the class he taught was their favorite! "

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