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September 28, 2018
Highland Yoga Planning Grant

Elspeth discovered yoga during her final year in law school when seeking ways to cope with mounting stress and anxiety. Within just a few classes, she was hooked—not only by the physical aspects of the practice, but by the opportunity for immense spiritual and emotional exploration as well. Having explored and trained in various styles of yoga, Elsie found her home in Vinyasa yoga.

Elspeth is an E-RYT. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Dallas, Texas at Uptown Yoga and has since taught over 1000 hours of yoga.0048_copy Her teaching focuses on powerful but targeted sequences that prepare the body for more challenging poses and allow the mind to go deeper into the practice.Elspeth and her husband John are the founders and owners of Highland Yoga. Elspeth received her J.D. from Emory University School of Law and formerly practiced law in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.
When Hannah discovered yoga, she found a sanctuary within herself.0024 She could retreat from the bustle of life and reconnect to the inter-workings of her body and mind. Initially, Hannah favored the lyrical nature of the asanas. She enjoyed the physical challenges, and she still does. However, as her practice has evolved, Hannah has come to enjoy the meditation of blending breath and movement.IMG_0072_copy We produce energy for from simply being alive, but if we learn how to create intentional energy we can transform our lives and create opportunities that will guide us toward growth. Hannah's goal as a teacher is to guide her students towards a healthier lifestyle, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Hannah guides her students on a journey to explore our outlook on life’s triumphs and challenges through our work on the mat.
Lindsay's classes are all about encouraging you to let go and fully exist in the present moment. She hopes, together as a community, one yoga class at a time, we can cultivate a world where our ego no longer takes control of us; constantly living in the past and the future, but never in the now. Her instruction is fluid and playful. She will physically challenge you in a number of ways, but always offers modifications so that everyone can participate. She welcomes everyone with a smile (usually a hug, too) and has a kindness to her that makes you feel right at home.
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