Yin Restorative Yoga Virginia

October 19, 2020
In Oakton and Fairfax, VA

Restore1_KimL_resized largerVariety is the spice of life! Glenmore offers a wide choice of classes to meet your needs as they change; day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to-year. Feeling the stress after a long work week? Try our Saturday morning Mindful Yoga. Like to move? Maybe YogaMoves or Vinyasa Flow is right for you. Need a quiet class to let go? Try the Yin and Restorative Yoga. Need to find a way to a more peaceful and happy way of life? Our meditation classes will explore, discuss, and practice different styles.

We think you’ll find our classes interesting, challenging and fun … sometimes all at the same time!

Vinyasa Flow

Ashtanga_130224108_srVinyasa Flow utilizes breath-synchronized movement, flowing smoothly into and out of poses. This invigorating and energizing practice stems from the 8-limb path and incorporates Ashtanga sequencing and asana. Increase strength, improve flexibility, refine balance and deepen concentration and meditative mind. Ultimately, tap into intrinsic peace and compassion. Yoga trains the mind to focus on the present, becoming more aware and mindful in all our actions leading to kindness towards self and others. This class will enhance this journey and is ideal for students familiar with Sun Salutations, no prior Ashtanga experience needed. (Level 3+)


A level 2 yoga class that blends a traditional, flowing hatha practice with a little tai chi, core training, mindful movement and more. Instructors offer modifications and challenges. This fun class is designed to strengthen, lengthen and balance the entire body, improve fitness, relieve stress, and relax body and mind.

YogaMoves_gmy-465_srYin Yoga

This quiet practice focuses on the deep connective tissue in the lower back, hips and pelvis. Poses are generally limited to seated or reclined. The poses apply passive pressure (muscularly soft) to the joints, ligaments and tendons and are held for 3 to 5 minutes. While holding the pose for a period of time, students practice staying mentally attentive by focusing on the breath and to what their body feels in the pose.

Restorative Yoga

An introspective and quiet class focusing on releasing tension in the body and mind. Most of the class will be on the floor. Restorative yoga is a perfect balance to vigorous physical activity and everyday stress. Beginning with poses to lengthen and ease discomfort in the hamstrings, hips, back, shoulders and neck, at least 30 minutes will be spent in “restorative poses”, supported by props and held for up to five minutes. Restorative poses center around gentle back bends to open through the chest, gentle forward bends to quiet the mind, and other poses to ease physical and mental stress. Focus will be on the breath and moving toward a peaceful meditative state. Class will close with relaxation and seated meditation. Appropriate for all levels of students who are comfortable reclined, prone or side lying on the floor and also enjoy a very quiet class.

Yin_130227161_srMindful Yoga

This class explores the tools you need to be calmer, less reactive and more centered in these turbulent times. Focus on the breath through gentle postures, rhythmic movement, guided deep relaxation and meditation techniques. Appropriate for all levels.

Meditation Class

Our meditation class begins with a short, gentle yoga practice to allow the body to be comfortable. We will explore, discuss, and practice different styles of meditation and close with silence so that individuals may practice the style that works best for them. Our instructors lead at least two practices on most days, and include discussion as well as time to move and stretch. All props, including chairs, will be available and their use encouraged.

Yoga Nidra

Nidra refers to a state of deep sleep. While different than meditation, both practices follow the path of remaining awake and yet peaceful and relaxed. In a yoga nidra practice, one may leave the waking state, go past the dreaming state and move toward deep sleep while remaining awake. This powerful relaxation and meditation session will start with gentle stretches flowing into the yoga nidra which will include the use of props.

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