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February 18, 2024
In Virginia - Thrillist

Duck Commander warehouseIf you duck into West Monroe, Louisiana, to visit the warehouse and gift shop, where most of the action and antics on the show take place, you will see that the Duck Commander Warehouse is still an active part of the ongoing family business. There are great photo opportunities under the infamous Duck Commander/Buck Commander sign, as well as the RV or 18-wheeler promoting the Robertsons. Duck calls are still being produced daily by the Robertsons and friends on site. You will definitely want to duck into the store and grab some great Duck Commander items to remember your trip. You can also view the largest duck call created to commemorate the Duck Commander’s 40th Anniversary. If you’re lucky, you may spot one of the Robertson family members coming and going. After getting your souvenirs, you’ll find there’s a lot more to do in the area. Check out some of these highlighted venues in the little city on the big Ouachita River. These are just some of the stops that have been featured in A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” shows.

Excalibur Family Fun Center

When Si takes home the $2000 gift card at Duck Commander Casino Fun Night, he selects a massage chair for the duck call room. Willie makes him take it back, and a detour to get pizza lands them at this family fun entertainment center. Si says it has the best pizza in town, but Willie wants to get back to the office. Si, the ultimate kid, finds a way to spend his winnings for a large gorilla and pizza. You don’t need that much money for a fun filled time, just have a blast playing with the family. You can climb the rock wall, challenge someone to putt-putt or laser tag, drive go-carts and play games like skeeball and whack a mole. Can you beat Uncle Si's collection of tickets for prizes?

Landry's Vineyard

Willie can grow the Duck Commander business, but he doesn’t know how to grow grapes for wine. See Landry’s Vineyard featured in Sauvignon Beard episode. This is a family owned vineyard where Jeff (the expert in the show) and Libby Landry grow, age, and bottle their own wines. The beautiful tasting room is open each Saturday and by appointment during the week. Also, a great Saturday afternoon can be spent with family enjoying their concerts in the vineyards with live music, tractor tours of the vineyard, and great Cajun cuisine. Check their website and Facebook page for dates. While there, try the Blueberry Merlot or Redneck Red. You'll want to take a bottle home with you!

Twin City Pawn Shop

Uncle Si says the pawn shop is the place to get anything fixed or replaced. When he and Jase have fun with Willie’s new gift of a Samurai sword, they break it. Like a big kid in a toy store, Si has a blast with all the items in the pawn shop. Although they couldn’t fix their mistake, you can find a little bit of everything at Twin City Pawn. Stop in and see what fun you might find.

Pepper’s Christmas Tree Farm

When Miss Kay can’t find the perfect Christmas tree on the Roberston’s Land, Phil let’s her go the “yuppie way” to a Christmas Tree Farm nearby. The Pepper family has been providing trees to our area for years. The trees are ready beginning in November, but they are growing all year round.

Haskell's Donuts

A hot donut is one of life’s wonders according to Jase. Just down the street from the Duck Commander Warehouse/Store, you can stop in for fresh, hot donuts at Haskell's. As usual, all things with the Robertson’s develop into a competition. In “Of Matresses and Men”, a trip to get hot donuts becomes an eating contest between Si, Martin, Godwin, and Jase. As we all know, Si whooped them good. He knows a good donut, Jack! Can you eat as many as Si? There may not be a camper as a prize to win, but the donuts are worth the stop.

Tom Sanders Building Mart

A local hardware store providing building supplies to our community for years is the setting for the Redneck Challenge of a lawnmower race in The Grass & the Furious. You can stop by and take a photo or go in and see what one weapon you would want in the woods? For Willie, they don’t sell Ninja shooting stars but Jase loves the ax – “it’s his weapon of choice”. What’s your choice?

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