Sol Yoga Frederick MD Virginia

September 4, 2020
256 W Patrick St
Unit 4
Frederick, MD 21701
(877) 765-9642

My favorite yoga studio in the downtown Frederick area. The teachers allow the students to be in there own comfort zone, and don't push you into advanced movements. They create a relaxing environment, and allow your mind and body to flow within the class. My favorite instructors so far have been Erin S and Jan F who are both different but give such great experiences. I love how Jan burns essential oils, and also gives you an oil to roll on your wrist and neck it really helps you relax. In Erin's class, (power hour @630AM) yes 0630AM, she really pushes you into a good sweat and gives you relaxation at the same time. I highly recommend a power hour class with her!

Sol is as good as it gets. To preface, I've been practicing (and just recently got RYT-200 certified) for 10+ years. Having been to many studios over the years, I've become quite discerning. Yoga isn't cheap and I'm picky about where I practice yoga for that reason. Much of my practice takes place at home but that's about to change now that I moved to Frederick. Stopped in over the weekend to give Sol a try and purchased the 2-week new student special for $25. I've taken two classes already, gentle yoga and a vinyasa flow (all levels). Wonderful vibe, excellent instructors, tons of class offerings/workshops and reasonable prices. They offer all sorts of options; if you're not interested in packages you can drop in and they offer discounted rates for some of their classes, just check the schedule. You can pay online or in person. I love that they offer complementary hot tea, by local tea shop Voila which is only minutes down the road. I've reviewed them as well (5 stars.. amazing tea). Not only am I so happy to now be living in Frederick, but the icing on the cake is that I have a wonderful yoga studio I can come to all the time to help me sustain my personal practice. Helpful tip: there's a parking lot in the back, it's on the left side of Patrick St right before you get to Sol. It's free :)

I've been coming here for pre-natal yoga classes and so far, I really like the instructors and classes. I'd never done yoga before but I figured pre-natal classes wouldn't be too hard since we fatsos can't move too quickly. Well, the instructors make sure you move and change poses carefully but that doesn't mean you don't get a workout! Particularly after Keri's class, I left with sore muscles and feeling like I'd had my first real workout in months! The front desk staff is very friendly and you can rent mats or buy water there. They also offer tea, which is a nice touch. If you're worried about your class filling up, making resevations via the online system is a breeze. I don't have other studios to compare Sol Yoga to but the rooms are large so that people aren't jammed in next to each other. The building also has its own parking lot in back which is almost unheard of in downtown Frederick. Namaste!

It feels like a cozy community in there, unlike the most places where you feel like there's a competition and fit people constantly comparing themselves. It's a place where you can improve yourself with a good feeling. Not to mention how I loved that they had a vegetable/fruit basket for anyone to donate and anyone can take if they want one.

I'm relatively new to yoga and am not in the best shape. Have had occasion to be in Frederick lately, and decided to give their Friday Happy Hour class a shot. Easy to find studio, really friendly check-in, a$$-kicking class with plenty of mods. Will definitely be back and will definitely recommend. Thank you all, for doing what you do so well!

When I moved to Frederick I checked out two yoga studios and this was definitely the best. I left class with the "yoga buzz" (similar to a runner's high, you yogis know what I mean) and feeling awesome. I went into class with very tight hips and a stiff body and left feeling relaxed and a million times better. The instructor was VERY fit and motivating. She did an awesome job. The class was challenging too- I got a major shoulder, glute, and core workout (but she still gave plenty of modifications). Two thumbs up to her choices of poses/exercises- we did a lot of stability and mobility (loved the bridges and modified warrior 3). I bet she is a personal trainer or has some fitness background outside of yoga. Sol yoga is a very cozy, calming, and welcoming studio. I love the tea they offer :) My only complaint with yoga in Frederick as a whole is that it isn't hot enough!!! I used to do Bikram in Richmond, Virginia and now that room is HOT- you are dripping sweat! This is definitely the hottest yoga you'll get in Frederick though (the room is around 90 degrees). Two thumbs up to Sol Yoga!!! Will definitely be back.

This old building houses the best yoga studio in Frederick. There are yoga studios on the first floor- Earth, and on the 4th floor- Sky. They offer different skill levels: gentle, flow, hot flow, prenatal, Good Cause yoga, and $5 Happy hour classes, etc. If you are looking for a good balance of work in asana and spirituality, look no further. Each of the yoga teachers bring their unique personalities and energy to the classes and are all truly amazing. You can preregister online for classes- just don't cancel because for some reason it does not work and you still get charged though it shows you are no longer registered for the class I still have to straighten that out with them. :) Other than that- no complaints.

Oh how I love this studio! The community at Sol is made up of real, wonderful people. There's no sense of ego there. The teachers will push if you want them to, or simply help you relax if that's what you want. They have a beautiful, cozy space. Not to mention the prices are the best I've found. I've recently moved to the LA area, and I miss Sol Yoga every day. I've been searching LA for a studio that comes close, but to no avail. I was truly fortunate / spoiled to live so close to this studio.

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