Pilates McLean VA Virginia

February 12, 2018
Mclean, VA, United
1984 Chain Bridge Rd
Ste 200
McLean, VA 22102
(703) 288-0353

When I first found this class/studio on Class Pass it came with a warning, which I have found to be completely true!! "WARNING: Mix It UP! ​classes may be addictive!" I've been going for about 6months now and am obsessed!! Before going I had only been to a couple of mat classes. After getting over my fear of trying the Reformer, and Chair, and Springboard - I'm in love. STUDIO: Parking is a breeze, there's a lot for the plaza and I've never had any issue finding a spot Pro-Tip: There's a door/staircase between the florist and mattress store. The staircase is your warm-up ;) Changing room - there's no room in the studio but there is a bathroom on the same floor. It can be a little tight but it's do-able The studio has 12 sets of equipment (reformer, chair, springboard, box of goodies like bands, balls, etc). It's a very bright, open, clean studio - very well organized and thought-out. The end of each class ends with a wipe-down of all equipment INSTRUCTORS: So far I've only had two instructors here. I started with Caryl who is a great teacher. She's very precise with which spring you should use, positions, counting reps, etc. As a newbie this was very helpful. Especially the resistance portion. I don't know what I'm doing so need someone to tell me at least where to start. I've also went to a few classes with Beth who is very energetic and welcoming, but I'm glad I had a few classes under my belt first as Beth isn't quite as detailed with the resistance to use or positions. CLASSES: The bulk of the classes are called "Mix It Up" which is what it sounds like.each workout/day/week is different than the next. Sometimes it's all done on the reformer, and sometimes you never touch the reformer. Some days are focused more strength building, and the next is a jumping (cardio) class. I do a variety of other types of classes, but always look forward to my classes at Tysons Pilates. I've definitely noticed it helping me with keeping better watch of my body positioning, stretching, lengthening muscles, and toning.

Don't know why this place has been given such good reviews? Is it clean? Yes is it easy to access ...not so much. From my 25 years + experience the instructors are over zealous with there work outs, not concerned with form or function and do not walk around worried about how successful the client is in her personal journey in the work out. They seemed to be focused on the hardest work out they can give (not in Joseph Pilates style) for the buck. Walked away 2x with injuries.

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