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April 9, 2021
Paddlers with a Second Wind

Documentary Family Shoot2014Second Wind CrossFit is owned by me and my wife, but it really belongs to our community of members. It’s hard to overestimate the value and significance of the spirit of friendship that makes up Second Wind. Sometimes it feels like we are a social club made of people who happen to work out. In fact, some of our members took it upon themselves to create T-shirts that say so.

In Foundations, I like to tell people that “nothing creates community like shared suffering.” There is something about pushing through a tough workout right next to someone who is doing the same thing and coming out the other end together. People come to Second Wind for the workout; they stay for their friends.

Besides the regular workouts we like to play together. Some of the ways in which we have bonded outside the Workout of the Day:

Open Gym on Friday nights in the summer become the Happy Hour of Power. We put the beer on ice and brats on the grill. The Fireball shot has made an occasional appearance. I disavow knowledge of any keg stands.

We kicked off the summer Memorial Day Weekend with rounds of Fran (a workout with thrusters and pull-ups) while a live band played in the gym! We closed the summer with a Karaoke Party on Labor Day weekend.

Besides getting together at the gym itself, our members also find time to express their fitness in the real world. In June, 16 of us took part in the Ragnar Trail Relay in West Virginia. Talk about shared suffering. A torrential rain storm on the first day made both camping and trail running in the dark an experience none of us are likely to forget. Or repeat.

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