Power Yoga Morgantown Virginia

October 25, 2022
Power Vinyasa Yoga

Power Yoga Morgantown offers classes that will challenge you to tap into your inner power while connecting your breathe to movement. Building strength, flexibility, and balance through this Powerful Flow will create space for you to live more authentically, brighten your radiance, and develop the confidence that allows you to live your dreams on and off the mat.

Classes are for all levels, any age, anyone. You are ready NOW!


The founders of Power Yoga Morgantown, Jared Callahan and Amanda Love, attended Level 1 and Level 2 trainings with their teacher Baron Baptiste who artfully designed the Journey into Power sequence. Baron Baptiste designed this dynamic flow to be highly effective when practiced in mindful order with a purposeful approach. The Journey into Power sequence is at the core of this class, and we include creative variations and sequencing to keep you challenged while your practice evolves. This class will teach you to breathe with intention, move mindfully, and develop awareness that you can use inside the studio and in the world.


This class focuses on the basics, preparing you for all the classes we offer. As you learn to develop your breathe, understand alignment, and step outside your comfort zone, you will embark on a journey of personal growth full of new possibilities. This class is also great for the well practiced yogi. You will take a closer look at the foundation of your practice, opening new doors of possibilities through a mindful observance of where you are, remembering there is no summit to this empowering practice.


This class is dual taught and dual assisted by co-founders Jared and Amanda. Empower your body and mind in this energizing class where you will move, sweat, breathe, and leave inspired. Learn to become unmessable, dance with your edge and find ease in your practice. Double Love Class is accessible to all levels.


Restorative Flow begins with a Vinyasa Flow and leads into Restorative poses aimed at creating a long slow extension of the body, unwinding of compacted fascia, and releasing of muscles. It is grounding, calming and revitalizing, with profound physical, energetic and emotional affects.

Items to bring to each class:

  • Yoga Mat (Jade Harmony Rental Mats available for $3) There is $5 min. charge on CC.
  • Towel or Yogi Towel (UFit Yogi Rental Towels available for $5)
Source: www.poweryogamorgantown.com
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