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July 11, 2018
Denise Wertheim

Denise is a water aerobics instructor and first began teaching at the JCC more than 22 years ago. In addition to water aerobics, she has worked as a personal trainer and taught a variety of aerobic and weight training classes during her 30 year career in fitness. “I love the students in my class. They are an absolute inspiration to me. They take an active role in maintaining their health and are so supportive of each other, ” she says.
Classes Taught: H20

Elin Kanchev

Elin Kanchev is our new Sports and Wellness Director. Elin is originally from Plovdiv, Bulgaria and currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia. His primary focus is on the personal training component of our department. He will be giving wellness talks, subbing/teaching classes as needed, such as Level 5 strength, Core and Kickboxing and various other things. He has a great passion for Martial Arts. He won the Bulgarian National tournament in 2004, he is a member of the USA boxing Potomac Valley Association, and he's been helping many people get in shape throughout the years as aNASM certified personal trainer.
Classes Taught: Level 5 Strength Training

Elizabeth "Liz" Hammond Williams

“I found spinning/indoor cycling 6 years ago when I was so out of shape that I lost my breath walking up a flight of stairs. It was the only group ex class available where I wasn't intimated when I couldn't keep up with the rest of the class. Indoor cycling also helped me find my love of outdoor cycling and I have participated in several long distance charity bike rides. I no longer feel intimated in most group ex classes. As a result of my own journey, I try to teach a class where everyone can participate regardless of their age or physical shape. I believe variety is the key to any good indoor cycling classes… you might hear pop, country, and techno music while sprinting, climbing or visualize a flat road while you de-stress from your day in any of my classes.”
Classes Taught: Cardio Cycling

Cynthia has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and is ERYT Fee Pearson

Fee has been teaching fitness classes for approximately twenty years. She’s certified through American Aerobic Association International and loves teaching cardio kickboxing. In addition, she is also licensed to teach Zumba and Zumba Sentao. Fee is married, a federal government employees and mother to two children.
Classes Taught: Cardio Kickboxing

Haruko Newman

Haruko is certified through AFAA and licensed in Zumba. She loves dancing and especially dancing with her Zumba ladies and gentlemen. She welcomes everyone and says every class, “We will have a great dance party.”
Classes Taught: Stretch; Level 5 Strength Training; Zumba, Core Beginner

Jane Hansen

Jane has enjoyed exercise and fitness through years of jogging and being a group instructor teaching Jazzercise classes. Jane has been with the JCCNV since 1992 as a certified Jazzercise Instructor and Personal Trainer, and she recently completed her degree in Exercise Science from George Mason University. What Jane enjoys most about working at the JCCNV is getting to know the members and learning more about the Jewish heritage and traditions. When Jane is not at the JCCNV, she loves yard and garden work, catching up with her four children, and obedience training her two Pomeranians. Jane specializes in core training, weight training, adults/senior fitness and working with clients with osteopenia.
Classes Taught: Jazzercise

clientuploads/denise.jpgJo-Ellen Adkins

Ms. Jo-Ellen Adkins has been taking cycle classes for nine years and became a certified SPINNING(r) instructor in the spring of 2013. She teaches indoor cycling classes at various gyms and has taught indoor cycling for four years at her workplace, a Federal Government agency. Ms. Adkins is passionate about indoor cycling and thrives in teaching students about the physiological, mental and emotional benefits to spinning(r). Ms. Adkins lives in Annandale, VA with her family.
Classes Taught: Cardio Cycling

Jodi Pick

Jodi has been active in sports almost all her life. She loves to run, bike and swim. She has participated in several 10 mile races, century bike rides, and sprint triathlons. Her new passion is to teach spin class. She brings high energy and good music to each class, and challenges and motivates all levels of fitness. Jodi has been taking spin classes for the past 15 years and became certified as an instructor six years ago. She is proud to be a pioneer of the new JCCNV spin exercise group. Jodi loves to teach. She has a degree in Special Ed from the University of Arizona and enjoys working with children. In her spare time she tutors and works with the Special Olympics Swim team.
Classes Taught: Cardio Cycling

Karen Kapen

A native of New Orleans, Karen has lived in the DC area for 20 years. She has been a member of the JCC for nearly a decade and has practically raised her 4 children there. An avid exerciser and former competitive athlete, Karen enjoys teaching spinning for its energy and intensity. She loves the fact that you can get a great workout in a very short period of time-something every busy parent of young children can appreciate.
Classes Taught: Cardio Cycling

Lynne Maloney

Lynne is a certified Jazzercise instructor and owner of the JCC Jazzercise program plus she teaches many of them as well. She is also an ACE certified personal trainer. After enjoying Jazzercise classes for many years, she decided to try her hand at becoming an instructor. That was nine years ago and she wishes she had done it sooner! The enjoyment she gets from seeing the positive effects of exercise and getting to know the students in her class prompted her to get her personal training certification almost two years ago. When she's not teaching classes at the JCC, she works full-time in advertising sales at The Washington Post while also teaching Jazzercise and working with personal training clients in their fitness center. Her daughter is in her sophomore year at James Madison Univ (Lynne's alma mater!) and Lynne and her husband live in Springfield with their Schnoodle puppy dog, "Hollie".

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