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October 13, 2020

William Vitalis
Evidence-Based Energy Healing
“barefoot and high tech…”

William’s lifelong studies in music, movement, and energy healing provide a rich context for his creative and healing works. He is convinced that the medicine of the future is here now. It is based on mathematical wave forms, sound, and light as the primary means to re-establish coherent patterns in the human energy field. William continues to research and dialogue with a rich network of practitioners and leading researchers in physics and energy medicine and develop protocols which restore balance and enhance life energy.

William has trained in electrophonic imaging with Dr. Korotkov of St. Petersburg Technical Institute, and uses an electrophotonics imaging camera to assess stress patterns in his clients, and track their return to optimal health. William's therapy sessions feature solid state physics tools which deliver a non-needle form of treatment at acupuncture sites. These tools and protocols are a breakthrough technology which encodes information in a format that is “readable” through the main energy centers in the body. Solid State Technology operates in the primary realm from which the electromagnetic spectrum emanates. Various mathematically derived patterns become sets of instructions that allow biology to restore itself to optimal functioning.

Nature is the first teacher….
William's studies in classical QiGong include a 200 hour teaching certification with Roger Jahnke (founder of the IIQTC) and a five year certification with Master Zhonxian Wu. Qigong is easier to learn than Taichi and provides the same health benefits of slow, conscious movement combined with active internal imagery inspired by nature. In China’s highly refined 4000 year old healthcare system, QiGong was the patient’s “homework”. William is also a certified BodyTalk practitioner and holds a BA in music from Dartmouth College and has recorded four albums of original songs. He lives with his wife Isa and son Ishvara in a passive solar log home which they built in beautiful

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