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October 13, 2019
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Before completing the online membership process, please review the our membership terms.

Membership Agreement:

  • I understand that all membership fees are non-refundable.
  • I understand that membership allows me access to all locations in the YMCA of Greater Richmond association, and that the price of my membership is based on the location I selected and intend to use the most. I acknowledge that I intend to use this location at least 50% of my visits.
  • I acknowledge that the YMCA reserves the right to change my selected branch, and therefore my monthly rate, should the majority of my visits over any 6-month period occur at a branch other than my selected branch.
  • I understand that when payment is made by check, the YMCA of Greater Richmond is authorized to use the information from my check to initiate a one-time Electronic Funds Transfer from my bank account. I further understand that these funds may be withdrawn from my account as soon as the day after the YMCA receives my check, that I will not receive my check back from my financial institution, and that I am responsible for any return fees applied should my back not honor the EFT debit.
  • Should any membership be declined for any reason, I realize that I am still responsible for that payment plus a service charge at the current rate, applied by the YMCA. This is in addition to any service fee my bank may charge. I further realize that my account will be automatically re-drafted for any payment of a draft not honored.
  • I understand that all changes affecting my monthly draft, (e.g. billing information, holds, downgrades, termination) require 7 days written notice before my next draft date. Any error must be identified no later than 60 days from the posted bank statement date. The YMCA is not responsible for errors occurring later than 90 days from the date of the initial error. The YMCA draft is a continuous membership plan. I understand that this membership will remain in effect until properly terminated with the YMCA.
  • The YMCA Board of Directors may, at their discretion, adjust the monthly membership rate applicable to my category of membership. I understand that I will receive at least 30 days notice of the change before a debit occurs at the new rate.

Member Code of Conduct

The YMCA of Greater Richmond (“YMCA”) is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members, participants and guests participating in our programs and/or using our facilities. To promote safety and comfort for all, individuals are expected to act appropriately at all times when they are in our facility, on our property or participating in our programs and to adhere to the values of the YMCA – caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Members and participants shall pay all amounts due to the YMCA in full and on time.

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