Core Power Yoga Mission Viejo Virginia

July 23, 2017
Hatha Yoga with Sabine Ruch
230 Newport Ctr Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 640-9642

Love the staff here they have such great energy giving off that beautiful energy to the whole place. Annie rocks!

I've been going to Yogaworks on and off for years and years and just started my membership back up at this location because I've moved back into the area. Of course the classes are great and the last Pilates class I took was wonderful and has left me sore in the best way but the ladies at the front desk are kinda unfriendly and looked me up and down like I didn't belong there which was really uncomfortable.

Dear Yogaworks, I know this does not reflect most of your staff, but please do a better job selecting teachers. 6 years ago a substitute teacher at your location pressed way to hard on my back when I was in child's pose (without asking first). It caused a sharp excruciating pain for a second. It turns out she had herniated 2 discs in my lumbar spine though I did not know that at the time. I did not say anything bc the sharp pain went away fast (apparently common for disc herniation). But I should have known she was a bad apple bc right after, she said to the class: oh come on you guys can do better than that. Said in a less than supportive way. Very soon after, I developed a sound/feeling in my left hip when walking and than later, low back pain. My MRi (which Yogaworks insurance paid for), that I had three months after, shows two protrusions L4-5 and L5-S1. (Protrusions are more than a common bulge). I have a minimal curve in my spine but not enough to cause that much pain on its own. I have since thrown my back out three times, first time at age 28 (not doing anything out of the ordinary) and this June I started having daily back pain. I'm now in my fourth week of physical therapy. And the past two nights I was awaken several times by the pain. It comes and goes. Some days I'm ok. Sometimes not. If you had just been a little more careful in choosing substitute teachers (she was from the mission viejo location) I know my discs would not have protrusions. I've never had that kind of sharp spine pain except for this incident. I would not be dealing with nearly as much, or any, pain that I now have off and on. Or the financial burden. You could say I may have been prone to it, but most people have a slight curve in their spine and maybe only a disc bulge. Why would a teacher press that hard without asking first? Thanks a lot. I have a lifetime need now to do physical therapy exercises. I'm only 32. I have to give a one star bc no one should go to YOGA and leave with this problem.

I bought a Groupon for one month of unlimited classes at any location. I took classes at the Costa Mesa and Newport locations and fell in love with the classes and teachers at the Newport studio. I tried nearly every type of class they offer and never had a bad experience. My favorites are Vinyasa Flow with either Lisbeth or Nicolette and Pilates with Wende or Rachell. Wende's class incorporates squats and other non-traditional Pilates exercises so it gives you a really good cardio workout too. I also took one Reformer Pilates class for $10 extra (each session) with Laura. They allow a max of 3 students per class so I got individual coaching throughout the whole session. YogaWorks offers an abundance of classes each day from 6:30am most weekdays and every thirty mins. or so in the afternoon starting at 4:45pm. There are also a variety of classes throughout the day on weekends too. I did not intend on signing up with YogaWorks because it is a bit more than I wanted to spend ($85 for a month of unlimited classes at one location) but I loved it so much I signed up. Annie, who works at the front desk (not sure if she teaches too?) is always friendly and helpful and was not pushy when talking me through the different class packages available. When I signed up, Annie gave me a bunch of good coupons that I will actually use.

Always a classic and my favorite. They have the best teachers ever and a wide variety of classes from classic yoga to Pilates.

I recently returned to the Newport Beach Yoga Works studio because my favorite teacher, Paul, was teaching a class (one of two that he teaches at the studio) at a time I could actually take, when the manager suddenly decided to downgrade it to a Level 1 class because that's what people want, she told me. Why not get a new teacher to teach their Level 1 class rather than one of their most experienced and excellent teachers? Great question, but this is why the studio is dead: bad corporate-style management (numbers, numbers, numbers!), for which Yoga Works is best known. It's clearly time to shop for a new yoga studio, and while there weren't many to choose from a decade ago when I started going to Yoga Works, there are tons now - Core Power Yoga, Ra Yoga, Ekam Yoga, and on, and on, and on... time to shop around.

This is the best yoga and pilates in town! I have been exercising at all sorts of gyms and private training studios for many years! The front desk is extremely helpful and friendly especially Annie:) She rocks! My favorite trainer EVER is Caitlin Rose. She is the head of Pilates...does private instruction and fantastic mat and barre classes. She observes every little detail of your anatomy and I always feel great after training. No cheating with her!

I love this studio! Good pricing and teachers make you feel like you can do the poses even though I'm a beginner!

The BF and I were looking for a studio that was not a hot Bikram or heated studio that offered a variety of classes. YogaWorks isn't heated and it's close to home, so this worked great for us. They have a free one week trial so you can try out some of the classes and decide if it's for you. We signed up for the $95 per month unlimited membership, which is definitely cheaper than many other yoga/pilates studios in the area. I like the Pilates classes the best. They have a few different instructors for the pilates classes, so it just depends on your style and what you are looking for. Some use weights and some use the ball and mat work more than others. They all are definitely a good workout. Pilates are 1 hour classes. They have a variety of yoga classes for level 1 beginners and level 2/3. I prefer to go to the 2/3 level classes, but don't always have the time for the 1.5 hour classes. Seems like all the 2/3 levels are 1.5 hour classes though. The 5 pm level 1 class is good for beginners or anyone who wants more of a stretching yoga class, and it's only 1 hour. I haven't tried the reformer or Barworks classes, but I would like to if they fit with my schedule better. The studio does have a lot of class times so that's great to accommodate people's schedules.

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