Bamboo Institute of Yoga Virginia

September 24, 2018
Photo of Studio Bamboo
2861 Lynnhaven Dr
Ste 108
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 496-7444

Amazing!! Just started going because my gf told me about a nation wide Warrior Yoga movement. Looked up where, in my area, they were doing this and found BI. Every Wednesday they have a (FREE FOR VETERANS) Warrior Yoga session led by Stephanie. She was incredible! I suffer from fibromyalgia and severe back pain and she was very receptive and accommodating to all my issues. They also have an app! The app is GREAT! Although you couldn't schedule classes with the active Groupon, you can just call or show up. I ended up purchasing the 1 month package and so far I've only tried the Warrior and Wall Yoga. I hope to try all the ones Stephanie recommended and I also scheduled a massage. The massages are very reasonably priced (cheap actually). I will post again and let you know.

This is one of the most adroit and complete yoga studios around. It's a peaceful environment with friendly staff, and the teachers are experts in their fields. I've practiced at other studios, but Studio Bamboo is my home.

Each New Year I try something new - hot yoga, rock climbing, circus school, etc. last year circumstances led me to pre-natal yoga at Studio Bamboo, which I really enjoyed, met some cool mama's, This year my new thing is barre class. It's been a zillion years since I've taken a ballet class but I wanted to increase my core strength after having my baby 6 months ago. The class is good - doing pliés & leg lifts over & over is really challenging. There are a number of instructors & each one puts her own spin on the class, which I really like. I still love the facility and staff members who are super friendly, and enjoy their workshops. It's a great way to get my groove on!

I love Studio Bamboo yoga! I have been going since it opened. I love the cleanliness, beautiful studios and highly qualified staff. I refer lots of folks because I want everyone to have a life-changing yoga experience. You owe it to yourself to check it out. You'll wonder what took you so long!

Love Studio Bamboo! Gorgeous facility is always clean and loaded with plenty of bolsters, blocks, towels etc. Wonderful variety of classes spread over all hours of the day and taught by experienced helpful instructors. Something to fit everyone's needs.

Phenomenal yoga studio. Instructors are all knowledgable, professional, and personable. There are a large variety of classes including hot yoga, multi level yoga, yin you, pilates, and barre. I was looking to get back into shape, and I am so happy with my mind, body, and overall well being after two weeks of attending different classes. All of the classes are appropriately challenging and rewarding. They have an amazing intro offer - $50 for first month. Definitely check this place out if you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

I love coming to Studio Bamboo, the instructors are wonderful. I really appreciate that they come around and adjust you in the poses and that they remember anything specific that you have going on physically from week to week. Thank you for being awesome!

Great teachers, broad class selection, lots of variety, and always welcoming.

Love Studio Bamboo! The place is always clean, there's a nice variety of classes, and I've met some really cool people here. So glad I found it!

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