Yoga pants Massage Virginia

June 14, 2019
Massage and Yoga Therapy
414 Elden St
Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 870-7688

My girlfriends and I had a GREAT experience at Chaan Thai. We were able to get three concurrent appointments on a weekend, and from the moment we walked in, we were completely spoiled. The ambience was relaxing and spa-like, and it smelled like calming incense. The ladies who were giving us our massages brought out complimentary hot Thai herbal tea (the small trays had their names on them so we knew who our masseuses were), and then ceremonially washed our feet before escorting us back to the massage rooms. The massages were on large, cushioned mats on the floor (not an elevated table). I'm used to Swedish massages, so this part was a little different for me. We changed into loose spa clothing that they provided, and the masseuses went to work. I was stretched and kneaded like dough, which felt amazing. It was a more strenuous massage, but I still ended up falling asleep towards the end. At some point, my masseuse started to use a minty oil (and my friends said they got Icee-Hot or something similar), which I didn't mind. When we were done, we got another cup of hot tea and some time to relax before we left. Speaking of the tea, it was so good, I bought a box to take home with me (not cheap, but I liked it that much). BTW, Chaan Thai has Groupons, but they will also honor the Groupon price if you mention it while booking your appointment. :)

I've tried about three our four Thai massage venues before I tried Chaan, and they all are disappointments by comparison. Chaan is one of the best massage experiences I've ever had. I opted for a traditional one hour Thai massage. Before the massage they give you a relaxing foot wash and serve you delicious hot tea. Then you get escorted to their large and luxurious rooms and provide you with pants and a t-shirt to change into. Then the actual massage starts and Chaan provides the most effective and relaxing massages I've ever gotten including both Thai and non-Thai venues. The staff were incredibly friendly and they offer package deals to save you money in the long run. Chaan Thai massage has become my favorite massage venue in the Herndon/Sterling/Reston area.

Booked an appointment for a 60 minute couples massage along with a 30 minute foot massage ( Groupon ftw!!). We were greeted warmly and were sent to the foot soaking station and were served tea right away. The tea was delicious- wish I had asked what kind of tea it was before leaving. After they washed our feet we were lead into the couples massage room with the most relaxing ambiance. They then proceeded our 60 minute massage. It was my first time getting a thai massage and boy was it amazing. It's way better than a regular massage in my opinion. They stretch all parts of your body and get all your spots meticulously. I've never felt this good and relaxed after a massage. After our massage they took us back to the front where we were served tea one last time before leaving. Everything was excellent and exceeded my expectations. Thank you, I'll definitely be back soon.

This review is not based on an actual appointment experience but solely on the attempt to make an appointment using a Groupon voucher. I called to make an appointment and was asked if I would be using a voucher or not, I asked if there was a difference and "Dene" whom spoke to me advised me that if I didn't use the voucher I could come in today, but if I chose to use my Groupon the next appointment would be Jan 5th.I am a little confused why it matters if I had a voucher or not. I have still paid the fee $135 dollars for my Groupon and wanted to use it today. This really turned me off and puts a bad taste in my mouth. I called to speak to the manager at another location so I'm hoping he calls me back and explains this policy. I wish I could give a zero star for my customer service issue.

I decided to go to the one in Herndon because of all the great reviews. Very impressed and will be bringing my husband with me next time. My daughter decided to go last month and it left with her feeling 100% better. We will be back very soon!

I had the best massage of my life here. The spa is super relaxing, lowly lit, soft music playing. You are welcomed and your feet are washed while you are served hot tea. Then you are given slippers (they take your street shoes for safe keeping), you are whisked to a private massage room, and you change out of your street clothes to put on a fresh massage uniform (tee shirt and baggy drawstring pants. There is a mat on the floor rather than a massage table. You lay on the mat and follow instructions. I got a 90 minute massage including a 30 minute foot massage. The massage style that I got was Thai yoga massage. My expert masseuse, Toi used a combination of techniques including assisted stretching (that's the yoga part), and what I can only describe as magical pressure point work. You can select your desired level of pressure before you get started. Toi made sure that the amount of pressure was tolerable for me, and it always was. Prior to my massage, I was super sore and tight ( I overdid it at the gym earlier this week). I had muscle adhesions (knots) nearly everywhere and Toi pressed, kneaded, and stretched the muscle fibers to relax into submission. My body was relieved and also energized from the experience. My massage was so amazing that I promptly bought a pack of massages to use in the next seven months here.

Amazing! Groupon brought me here but I have got to say it was more than I expected. Greeted with smiles and my masseuse was waiting for me at the front to greet me. You fill out your initial form and then are walked to the foot bath area. A nice foot bath with yummy jasmine/lemongrass tea is provided. Then you put on your slippers and are walked to your massage room where you change into loose fitting pants and a T-shirt.. The massage was great and highly recommended! They take their time and ask for ur input on pressure. Then another tea at the end. Great service, will be back!

We found this place through Groupon and took a couples massage. I get massages done quite often and this is by far the best I've experienced. The environment inside is calm and serene and everything is very clean and spotless (big plus for me). They ushered us in with minimal wait time and started with a foot cleansing session and then moved on to another room for the hour long massage and then another 30 minute foot massage. The whole experience was very relaxing and even my usually very uncomfortable husband who never gets any massage done was put at ease.

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