20 minutes Yoga Workout Virginia

April 15, 2018
Tent for about 20 minutes

I don’t enjoy it, and I’m not good at it. You’ll never see my slogging away on the treadmill or going out for a jog.

One thing you will see me doing: sprints.

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They boost your aerobic capacity, and you don’t have to be built like a marathoner to do them. You can be a huge, muscular beast like your’s truly and crank them out.

My favorite sprinting drill is something I call ‘Death by 10 Meters.’

Here’s how to do it: Find 10 meters of open space—in your garage, in your basement, in an empty yoga studio at the gym, in your backyard—and mark the start and end of the distance.

Not sure how long 10 meters is? Just take 10 giant steps, and you’ll be close enough.

Start a stopwatch. In the first minute, complete one 10-meter length. Then rest the remainder of that minute.

In the second minute, complete two 10-meter lengths, and then rest. In the third minute, three lengths. And so on, until you can’t finish the designated number of lengths in a minute.

You don’t need to touch the floor like a shuttle run or suicide drill at the end of every 10-meter length. Just make sure one foot crosses before you pivot back around.

FYI: This is going to be extremely easy during the first 10 minutes. Consider this your built-in warmup. Walk the 10-meter distances for the first few minutes, slowly increasing your pace as the minutes add up.

The reason you don’t want to go all-out from the start: This workout turns brutal, fast. You’ll blow up if you sprint the entire time or don’t take advantage of your rest breaks.

Around minute 8, 9, or 10, you won’t have time to sit around anymore. Your rests will be short.

For most guys, things turn ugly around minute 13 or 14. Now you’re sprinting, and the challenge isn’t just physical, but also psychological.

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You’ll probably want to give up around minute 16 or 17 or 18—but this is the time you need to push through. This is the point where it really counts. The difference between completing 18 10-meter lengths in a minute and 19 or 20 10-meter lengths in a minute is enormous. It separates the boys from the men.

Source: www.menshealth.com
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