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March 29, 2017
Yoga 3 person poses

walkway1Private & Therapeutic Yoga – Personalize Your Journey with Yoga!

We love group classes at BelovedYoga and we also recognize that it is not the only way for people to connect to Yoga. We believe that the one-on-one yoga model offers a safe space for a person to adapt the tools of yoga for their individual journey.

At BelovedYoga, we have two types of one-on-one sessions.

A Private Yoga for Group Classes: If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of the Yoga Practice and gain confidence so that you can attend group classes with greater ease, try our Private Intro to Group Classes special – 3 One Hour Privates for $150!

B) Therapeutic Yoga: Learn how to utilize the tools of Yoga to create balance with your imbalances, i.e., we like to call them “Teachers”. We do not aim to offer a curative yoga practice but through the tools of movement (asana), breath work (pranayama), mental clarity (concentration/meditation practices) and nourishment (lifestyle habits), we will meet you where you are and inspire you to build a healthy balanced relationship with yourself and your imbalances. We have experience working with a range of imbalances from Cancer to Lymes to Chronic Inflammation issues from hip replacements to knee injuries. For Complex Trauma & Recovery cases please click here to learn more. Consider a 5 Therapeutic Yoga Intro Package for 5!

elements 1The Original Model of Yoga:

The Ancient Art of Yoga was originally shared individually, recognizing that we all have specific needs and particular paths towards achieving wellness and balance in our lives. Private Yoga sessions will offer an introduction to the fundamentals of yoga that will specifically serve the student. We can also help the student understand ways to practice that will be mindful to the process of healing and managing any chronic dis-ease or pain.

Private Yoga sessions are perfect for both the brand new yoga student and the mature yogi who may want to advance their understanding of Yoga Philosophy, Asana and working through the more subtle practices of Yoga, such as breath work, relaxation, mantra and meditation.

Source: www.belovedyoga.com
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