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July 4, 2015
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cheryl_kids_2Grounded is based on the core belief that yoga can have a profound and positive effect on kids and teens. From our foundation as professional educators we have embraced the principles of yoga to create a program that enables instructors, school teachers, and even kids and teens themselves to “ground” themselves and others through yoga, laughter, and elevation.

By empowering kids and teens with the positive aspects of yoga (mind-body awareness, searching for the good in all things, moving with their breath, etc) we aim to heighten or elevate their sense of who they are so they can become more stable and confident – physically, mentally, and emotionally. That’s what we call being “grounded”.

Our Grounded program is unique in that it captures the essence of the yoga philosophy as epitomized by a “celebration of the heart” that looks for the good in all people and all things. That coupled with a strong emphasis on technique driven yoga delivered in a joyful and playful manner, enables and empowers kids and teens to elevate themselves and those around them.The core of our instruction is based upon our signature Grounded Elevator Series program, which consists of eighty-four poses or asanas. Our poses serve and honor the individual by providing specific tools for calming down or increasing energy, lightening up or centering through focus & balance as well as the wisdom to know when each is appropriate. Our poses are categorized into 7 different groupings that correspond to the seven major energy centers in the body called Chakras.

In Grounded classes, we share experiences and fulfill the universal desire to be connected and belong to a group. Our Together We Stand sequence engages the entire group to practice partner poses and inspire each other. Our expectations are high; we work hard, laugh whole-heartedly and build self-esteem and confidence in a safe, non-competitive space. When we are grounded, we have the stability and strength that it takes to handle any situation with grace, a positive attitude, and flexibility.

In our Grounded teacher trainings, students will discover how to ground themselves, growing deeper in their own practice and teaching abilities. We cover the technical aspects of all 84 poses of the Grounded Elevator Series, the associated pose sequence, and implementation of our groundbreaking “Quest For Elevation” program which celebrates student accomplishment by providing kids and teens an opportunity to earn pennants based upon specific achievements. The pennant colors and level requirements correlate with the Chakra System. Each pennant can be used as a peace flag or worn as a bandana.

Our goal is to enable and empower the younger generation through yoga, laughter, elevation, and service by creating a world-wide network of teachers, facilitators, and students of all ages who by being grounded themselves…are in a desirable position to ground others.

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