Yoga Pilates fusion Virginia

June 20, 2009
$20 New Yogi Special

Become a Barre Fusion instructor and expand your career and your passion! Our certification will teach you how to structure and choreograph a fun, safe, and effective Barre Fusion workout for students of all ages and all fitness levels.

Whether you’re interested in teaching your own Barre Fusion class, or simply looking to deepen your personal practice, this program is for you!

Training Topics include:

  • Understanding the blend of ballet, yoga, & Pilates to develop a class
  • Formatting and choreographing a class
  • Understanding body alignment principles and how to avoid injuries
  • How to cue exercises & stretches safely and effectively
  • How to build and teach progressions & modifications for all fitness levels
  • Blending movement with music using beat counting and rhythms
  • Incorporating props and equipment into your class
  • How to teach with grace and confidence
  • Barre Fusion & business marketing
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