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November 26, 2017
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This is a review of the petites department at this [Ann Taylor] Loft location... Petites are relegated to a teeeeeeeeeeeeny tiny little section of an otherwise decent-sized store. The selection for us ladies 5'4" and under isn't extensive, but you will find a little of everything - from tops to pants to dresses. There is also a petites-only clearance rack in the back from which you might score a gem or two. Finally, there were some new petites loungewear in the accessories department, where you could find legging tights, lounge pants, and the like for the short girl! My thoughts about the store - 1) Service is top-notch. Every sales associate was friendly and helpful, and that alone is a plus in my book. Also, the place felt bright and clean - and made for a good shopping experience. 2) The store seems to stock a lot of tiny sizes, so if you're a slender petite who wears XSP or XXSP or 0P or 00P, you will actually have some options on the rack. The other sizes are also there, of course. All in all, I'd say that this is the kind of store that a petite girl should swing by - but only if you already happen to be in the area. Don't make a special trip out here, or you'll be disappointed. But if you are strolling by and stop in to find a petite deal or two, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Poor customer service because I don't have good experience with my shopping . I bought a lot of things in this store but some sales woman did not be kind... I had a problem because I don't know speak English very well and I feel that they didn't have patience with me so for that reason I don't like go there even if now I know that you hace clearance or good prices but the environment sometimes it's not so good...

My experience today was pretty much on par with every other time I have been here: I entered the mostly empty store, browsed for a while, tried clothes on, and left. In the midst of all of this, not a single employee acknowledged or spoke to me, including the fitting room attendant. It is an understatement to say that the salespeople here are rude and unhelpful. To top it off, this store never has my super special size: large. Not only is this ridiculous, the salespeople are not apologetic about it and seem to have no interest in helping me obtain the clothing in another way, which is kind of their job. I would highly recommend the Georgetown and Tyson's Corner locations over this one.

Found what I wanted because I searched online beforehand. There were two girls that were actually nice, one was new and the other was being released from break - she asked if I was finding my sizes. The young lady who appeared to be a manager (or at least was briefing the new gal) walked past a good 5 times and NEVER acknowledged me. She appeared to turn her nose up, but that seemed legit with the clientele. My least favorite Loft that I've ever been to, one for store size and selection and two for the poor customer service, so I'll take my regular business elsewhere.

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