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June 15, 2017
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Rated 1 out of 5 by runfast24 Pants are Very Cute but Lots of Pilling I think these pants are very cute except for the fact that they are pilling. I was expecting better quality from lulu. It is now difficult to wear these pants because I do not like the look of lint all over my pants. January 23, 2017

Rated 3 out of 5 by namaste3 Upset These were my favorite pair of lulus I have ever ordered when I first got them because i love the full on luxtreme material!. I wore them as often as possible & then out of no where they got a hole in the back of the leg. This is the second time i have had a pair of wunder under's receive a hole (first pair was luon) without being snagged & always being washed properly! I don't understand why this would happen, it's not even near the seams but its very frustrating regardless. I do love them but I don't know if I just received a bad pair or if all tend to get holey. January 23, 2017

Rated 1 out of 5 by Gigi123 Unacceptable I have been an avid lulu supporter for many years and have purchased endless leggings, tops, sports bras, etc. But recently I purchased these wunder unders regardless of all my past pairs pilling. But this time was much worse. I experienced major pilling in these leggings after a WEEK of washing them minimally, with only other lulus (no cotton, ) gentle detergent, and letting them air dry. I am just really bummed I spent the money on these and can't believe the quality I got in return. :( I really don't know what other precautions I could've taken to prevent this. I"m not sure if I got a defective pair but something certainly is not right. Although I am very happy with most of my lulu purchases I am seriously considering switching to a different brand because of this. :( January 19, 2017

Rated 4 out of 5 by ellie2264 Great Leggings These leggings are a lifesaver. They are very comfortable, durable and are very versatile. I wear these from to the gym and with casual outfits. They are overpriced in y opinion, don't get me wrong they are great, but I think the price is to high. I own 2 pairs of these leggings, black and grey. I wear them all the time and I have recommended to my friends! In no way do I regret purchasing these, but they shouldn't be so expensive. I have not experienced any pilling whatsoever. But, I try to wash them as little as I can to prevent any pilling and I air dry them. I suggest not throwing these in the dryer with loose-fabric clothing like cotton, but with materials similar to itself like other pairs of leggings, sports clothing, dri-fit, etc. I see a lot of girls wearing these leggings and I finally decided to treat myself to a pair, which lead to another and now I am purchasing my 3rd pair. I love these leggings! These fit very true to size, I'm 7-8 in jeans and I got the 8's and they fit perfectly. If you are contemplating spending the money on these leggings or not, I strongly suggest doing so! its worth it! :) January 12, 2017

Rated 2 out of 5 by em7miz Good for the first couple of wears... These were my first pair of lulu pants and at first I absolutely loved them so I bought a couple of different pairs of pants from here as well. My other pants are holding up well but these have started to pill after only a couple of months. It just seems to be getting worse and worse with each wear/wash. I would spend my money on other pants, but I do not think these are worth it. January 11, 2017

Rated 1 out of 5 by MomL poor washing result I was given a pair of these for Christmas and they are far from the quality of my past LuLu pants. They are already sagging due to loss of elasticity and pilling is an issue after just a few wears. January 10, 2017

Rated 3 out of 5 by stylishathlete Disappointing Loved the quality of these pants when I first got them as a gift, but they began to pill about a month after regularly wearing them. Wish the initial quality would last because they make your legs look amazing!!! Not sure if I would repurchase because of the price. January 8, 2017

Rated 2 out of 5 by joyceyq not worth it I have been getting the high times pant for years and decided to get these instead. At first, they were fine for yoga and the gym, but after just three months and a couple washes, they started pilling a lot. My high times pants never pilled even after a year of wearing them. It got so bad I threw them out and ordered the high times pant. Lululemon is usually worth it, but these were low-quality and very disappointing. Would not buy again. January 7, 2017

Rated 2 out of 5 by Ilia New versions quality is not as good I've worn the Wunder Under pants for years and they used to be my go to pants. My first batch of Wunder Unders lasted for a really long time. In fact the only reason why I am not wearing them is because I lost weight, so I gave them to my mom and she's now wearing them. I bought another batch of the Wunder Unders and the quality is not as good, which is really disappointing. After having them for less than a year the pants started to pill, then a few months later they sag and lost the elasticity. I wash these in cold water on delicate/hand wash cycle and hang to dry. I used to not mind paying extra for high quality lulu items, but I am disappointed in the lesser quality of the product. December 31, 2016

Rated 3 out of 5 by karlyq Love these leggings but... I love lululemon and always have, but after a little over 6 months of owning these leggings, they have begun to pill like crazy. I feel like I cannot even wear them anymore and they used to be my favorite. I have always followed the washing instructions listed online so I am confused as to why they still have pilling. I wish they lasted as long as advertised. December 30, 2016

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