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May 29, 2018
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Irina Nordstrom

Studio: Soula Grove Yoga - Paso Robles, CA

Style: Hatha


I believe life is a personal journey and my goal is to encourage growth and understanding of the self through yoga, where students can create a vision, discover their own sense of spirituality and find a holistic balance in their everyday lives. I am as much a student as I am a teacher, embracing the process all along the way. We should all take a moment, close our eyes and just breathe.

Denise Springer

Studio: You Power Yoga

Style: Power

I love building connections with students and seeing them become happier, healthier, more loving and relaxed. My prayer is for You Power Yoga students to experience the joyful, lasting transformation yoga brings. Come as you are – large, small, happy, not so happy; leave better. It really can be just that simple.

Cecilia Garama


Nour Yoga - Mombasa, Kenya
Style: Hatha

Philosophy: Yoga has been an amazing teacher and friend ever since it came into my life. Through yoga I have been empowered to follow my dreams and do what I love. I believe yoga offers people the tools to find balance in life, and that’s what I want for my students. I put emphasis on the mind-body-breath connection in all of my classes. I am very passionate about my continent- Africa, and I believe yoga can bring a lot of healing to Africa’s children. My philosophy is that yoga is everyone. There is nothing more beautiful than people from all walks of life coming together to move and breath as one.

Alison Krywucki

Studio: StillPoint Yoga Studio

Style: Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Yoga-Meditation Combination Classes

Alison Mackie

Studio: Naval Bases in Naples, Italy

Style: Vinyasa

Susan Verde

Studio: East end Long Island, camps, schools and privately

Style: Vinyasa flow

Philosophy: I am a certified kid's yoga and mindfulness instructor for pre-school through teenage children and a children's book author. I teach Hatha yoga with a mixture of stories, games, asana, pranayama and specific mindfulness activities. My teaching often includes expressing creativity through journaling and art and a reading of my latest book I Am Yoga.

Lena Hershey

Studio: Carlisle Family YMCA, Carlisle, PA

Do no harm. Assist, encourage and support.

Wern Cheen Chang

Studio: Yoga at Cindys, Sunnyvale CA

Style: Vinyasa Flow

I believe in making yoga accessible to everyone. It is much more than just asana but a practice of living life by building awareness of your body, mind and breath. Eat, run, play and yoga :)

Jasmine Creighton

Studio: Claremont Yoga, Claremont, CA

Style: Hatha

Philosophy: Jasmine became a teacher so she can service women in the pre and postnatal pregnancy stages as well as beginners and those seeking an alternative for healing purposes. Her overall goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone, especially in minority communities.

“I believe yoga is a one size fits all practice, meaning it’s for every one.” – Jasmine Creighton

Jennifer Stewart

Studio: Rise Power Yoga, Princeton NJ

I love making yoga accessible and real. It's for real people living real lives. There's no perfect image of what a yogi looks like, it's in ALL of us. Every class may be a little different as we arrive differently on our mats each time. I love to create a space for individual's to come together...find themselves and find a community. Self love is key. I try to live this every day, on and off my mat. And yoga inspires me to dig deep and explore the inner most version of me, my true self. As I connect better with myself, I'm able to better connect with the realness in my students. We are all doing the best we can every day...some days may just be better than others, but that's okay. It's an ongoing effort. My class is a place for everyone, no matter their skill level, gender, age, size, color, religion, diet, etc. Like a great mat, it serves everyone :)

Lori Coffey

Studio: Hendricks Regional Health Yoga Studio Danville, IN

Style: Hatha and chronic conditions

Lori Coffey was introduced to yoga and meditation after a back injury in the late 90's. It has been the benefits of the ancient practice of body-mind union that has helped her with pain management, flexibility, strength, stress reduction and many other benefits these ancient practices offer. From her own yoga practice, Lori brings to her students the a union of breath and movement to focus the mind and bring awareness to the alignment, balance, and strength for each asana while being very present in the moment. In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, Lori aims to teach students to appreciate the non-physical benefits of practice by returning to lessons learned on the mat in to their daily lives off the mat.

Nicole Ilaw

Studio: Spa Le Mergiot, Santa Monica

Style: Yin Yoga

When we take ourselves outside of our minds, we are able to see our surroundings. What our surroundings are telling us and observing without judgement.
"The judgement: you are now before Yama, King of the Dead. In vain you will try to.. Deny or conceal the evil deeds you have done... the mirror in which Yama seems to read your own past is your own memory, and also his judgement is your own. It is you your who pronounce your own judgment..." - Gautama Buddha

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