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November 25, 2017
A heads up:

Manduka PRO Limited Edition PrintEvery student should experience confidence, focus and feel balanced in the classroom, but not all students come from situations that give them that luxury. So we have to support the people who support our most at-risk kids. Bent On Learning is a nonprofit organization that has taught yoga to over 18, 000 students over the past 15 years, bringing yoga and all of its benefits into underserved New York City public schools to support a healthier, more compassionate learning environment – and we made a mat to help make what they do possible.
We’ve collaborated with visual artist Ryan McGinness to bring a one-of-a-kind printed PRO mat that will not only inspire your practice, but gives back to a young community that needs it most. Every time one of these special PRO mats are purchased, we will gift two yoga classes for children in Bent On Learning, helping inner city kids find inner peace.

“Teaching yoga in schools gives kids the opportunity to connect to their inner lives where their imaginations and creativity can expand beyond the constraints of the classroom, ” says Anne Desmond, Co-Founder and Executive Director for Bent on Learning. “Ryan McGinness’ art on the Manduka PRO is a gorgeous testament to the power of yoga on a child’s creative development, and this partnership will allow more children to receive Bent On Learning yoga classes and have a lasting impact on their education.”

Ryan McGinness Manduka PRO DetailThe mat was conceptualized out of the desire to support the teachers who build and lead this transformative classroom experience, while helping kids experience yoga at a young age, so they acquire tools to release stress, calm their emotions, and flourish. When we feel better, we learn better.

Our CEOgi Sky Meltzer says that yoga and art are natural partners. It is from art that we form a deeper connection to our own creativity, self -awareness, empathy and expression. “We are honored to provide our mat as a canvas for Ryan McGinness’ work, bringing beautiful imagery to the place so many people go to for inspiration. Together, we are sharing mindful purpose and creative expression, while supporting kids and inspiring them to practice.”
With a classic deep blue background, the abstract female silhouette is part of Ryan’s iconic “Women Series” representing universal womanhood, making this limited edition mat equal parts beauty and function. The design may be new, but everything else you love about the PRO is still there including an unparalleled density, performance grip and a lifetime guarantee. Already our most supportive mat, this limited edition mat truly embodies the spirit of the practice by supporting the next generation of yogis.

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