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December 31, 2017
Debbie Cobb

Can often provide you with more ways to improve your practice than months of group classes.

private yoga classes

How Private Yoga Classes are Different from Group Classes

Look, group classes are good to learn general principles of alignment and practice to grow your yoga. While in group classes I can provide modifications for students for whom it is appropriate, our focus is on learning to practice yoga, period, rather than learning to practice yoga to address a particular focus area.

Even if you were the only student to come for a group class, your experience in a private would be different.

In privates, I work with you 1:1 to address a focus area to help alleviate specific suffering and/or grow a specific area of your practice. You get poses that are appropriate and modified for you and sequences that address your area of choice. You work with these practices in our privates and in your home practice.

Private yoga classes are perfect for you if you:

  • have specific physical focus areas or limitations – shoulders, back, wrists, hips, ankles, range of motion
  • want to augment your current practice by understanding more about alignment
  • would like to learn how to use props in a way to get more out of your poses
  • want to get the benefits of restoratives
  • routinely practice on your own and want an independent eye to provide feed forward
  • want to improve your personal yoga practice

You can select specific topics to cover, or you can base your practice on avenues for exploration I suggest.

What We Do First

First, you complete an online intake to let me know a bit about yourself and choose a time when you want to come for a free initial 30-minute private.

When you arrive, we sit together and you tell me about what is happening with you and what you want as outcomes.

I then take you through a few yoga poses so I can see how you move and you can give me feedback on what is happening with you.

As we work I suggest some poses you can start using right away on your own to move you in the direction of accomplishing the outcomes you want.

After our initial private, you choose how often you want to return for privates and/or whether you want to attend group classes.

If you complete a package of privates, you walk out with a written sequence – and often several options – you can use at home to continue your progress.

In addition, you may choose to continue to grow your practice through group classes.

Where We Meet

We meet either in the studio here at Yoga 4 All Bodies in Reston, Virginia, at your work or home for on-site privates that save you time, or via video on ZOOM.

What You Get

You get the individualized attention you need for your body. In privates, you can focus on a specific area. Tight shoulders and neck? We work to help release those areas and build each private on the prior session so you are consistently making progress. Want to let go of anxiety? We build a practice that helps you relax.

Most of all, we focus on alleviating suffering. Listen, there’s too much suffering – dukha – in the world. Let’s work together to create greater ease – sukha – and contentment – santosha – in your life.

Whatever your desired area of focus, come learn how to care for yourself in ways that keep you moving in the direction you want while learning, as BKS Iyengar says, what can be changed and what need be borne. People often tell me they feel improvement in even their first private.

How to Start

I offer a free consultation for any student interested in taking private yoga classes with me. In this consultation, we will discuss your goals and how we will approach your yoga practice. Schedule your free initial 30 minute consultation now!

Are you ready to reduce your suffering and feel healthier and stronger? It is never too late to start practicing yoga. Iyengar yoga can change your life. Call or text me today at 703-297-2224 to learn more about private yoga classes in our studio in Reston, Virginia, or at your work or home.

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