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January 2, 2020
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Yoga at SYK

We love practicing Vinyasa Yoga and bringing that practice to you! Yes, you, whether you are new to Yoga or you have spent lots of time on a padded rectangle. You can expect well rounded classes that will give you time and space to tip toe to your edge and explore the vast awesomeness that is YOU! We also have a variety of other classes that complement this very yang approach. Such as Yin, cool and calming, and our Yin/Yang class, where we take time to play with the opposites of these two approaches. As we move through the seasons together look for fun, informative and inspiring workshops!

Sunny Yoga Class descriptions

Connecting breath with movement, community and yourself. Our Vinyasa classes explore the endless ways to move your body with a strong connection to your breath. Linking poses together to explore this rhythmic moving meditation. You can expect a well rounded class focusing on the body as a way to look deeper into yourself.
Sunday evenings with Ruth Ann Clarke! The Total balance to our Vinyasa classes, you will rarely stand in this class. Long, slow, curious holds to get deep into the fascia while trying to observe the inner workings of your mind. You can expect plenty of quiet time to allow gravity to take you deeper. This class can be just as challenging as our Vinyasa classes in an entirely different way.
Great after a day in the snow, after a bike ride or before or after a brewery tour!
This is a long, juicy class. You can look forward to starting quietly in the Yin style and gradually growing into a Vinyasa class, lots of time for you. Shedding a brilliant light on how taking time to balance our practice on this journey of Yoga can encourage us to soar!
Monday & Wednesday evenings 5:30-6:30pm! Take the time to find details, proper alignment for your body, and spiritual inspiration for your yoga practice to flourish for a lifetime. Enjoy this welcoming environment while you are coaxed to to take it slow, stay curious, and be in your body.


60 minute class
75 minute class
'New Peeps' two weeks
student & seniors
5 class pass
10 class pass
1 month unlimited
Nourishment package

for two weeks of unlimited yoga
9 monthly unlimited Yoga, with a fresh Juice or Vegetable+Fruit blend after class. *unlimited Yoga with a fresh juice after each class attended, limit to one juice per day.

Meet our Teachers

Courtney Wright, E-RYT is an owner and co-founder of Sunny Yoga Kitchen. She was first introduced to yoga while attending College in Wisconsin several years ago as a student athlete, and felt an immediate excitement for the way Yoga invited a connection between the body and the mind. Yoga has offered a way to explore being courageous and vulnerable on and off the mat and offering this opportunity to others has become her passion. Courtney's teaching style boasts energetic, concise, fun classes, offering you an opportunity to explore your breath, watch your mind, be in your body, and connect to your community. She often brings you to your edge and might make you laugh along the way. Her background in Kinesiology builds a strong foundation to lead you deeper into your practice, into the vastness of yourself. She earned her 200 Hour Teacher Training certification from Zuda Yoga in Sacramento, California and has been teaching Yoga in multiple cities through the west coast ever since. Believing that Yoga is truly for everyone, Courtney was thrilled to teach and grow a thriving community at a lovely donation based studio in California, The Yoga Seed Collective. When the move for more Yoga training brought her to Portland she was delighted to teach at The Peoples Yoga, a low-cost studio with a strong mission. Everyone deserves access to Yoga on this journey of life and being able to teach at these wonderful studios has been a splendid example on how to facilitate this accessibility.

Sarah Edwards was born and raised in Virginia. She began practicing yoga 10 years ago, and has dreamt about teaching since day one. Completing her teacher training this past year challenged Sarah, especially her fear of public speaking (challenging and uncomfortable growth - that's yoga!) For Sarah, yoga has been a steady reminder to see life as an on-going practice in patience, lightness, and compassion. She wants to spread the magic of finding peace that comes about when you refocus on what is all around you, and recognize the abundance in your life.
In one of Sarah's classes you may learn about the chakras, hand mudras, or find yourself chanting in a candle lit room. Sarah loves singing! She often brings chanting to her classes and believes that singing and making music are a celebration. She would be delighted to make music with you! In addition to music, Sarah enjoys incorporating story-telling and leading people to let go as they play on their mats. Sarah wholly enjoys teaching at Sunny Yoga Kitchen and wants you to feel welcomed, challenged, and comfortable to be you. Ruth Ann has 20 years of experience in the field of fitness and wellness in Central Oregon and is the owner of Functional Fitness Personal Training & Fitness Consulting. She believes yoga is something everyone can do in order to bring life into balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and in the process find the truth of who you are. She obtained her 200-hourYoga Certification through Rolf Gates Yoga Enterprises and has a degree in Exercise Science. As an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist and ACE Personal Trainer, she works closely with the healthcare community to develop and manage physical activity and appropriate lifestyle programs for individuals following treatment or rehabilitation for injuries or documented diseases. By incorporating yoga with her clients, she has opened them up to something bigger by way of their healing, both physically and mentally. Ruth Ann brings compassion, professionalism and awareness to all of her students and clients. In addition to spending time with her family, the outdoors are a big part of her life, enjoying backpacking, trail running, cross-country skiing, kayaking, camping and all Central Oregon has to offer. In quiet times she enjoys writing, drawing, reading, and of course, practicing yoga.
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