Yoga Center in USA Virginia

September 16, 2019
Yoga Center - Vienna, VA
1041 Sterling Rd
Ste 202
Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 435-1571

I discovered this yoga studio well before my son was born and he is 17. I took classes for years, and still attend workshops as my schedule permits. Several of the instructors from years ago are still with the studio and they are fantastic. Janet, Susan, Kelly and Doug, just to name a few, are great instructors. I've shared this resource with other friends and neighbors, and their experience has also been positive. Give it a try, and find your own Namaste at Health Advantage Yoga. They offer free, sample classes, a great way to try before you buy.

I initially signed up for a short course here based on a few reviews and because their prices are lower than most local studios. I wasn't expecting the experience I got! The prenatal course is meant to really allow you to prepare your body for the experience of pregnancy- its not about fitness or staying trim, which I really appreciate. The classes are small, so you can expect a lot of one-on-one time with the instructors; Erin is really knowledgeable, flexible and obviously has a passion that shows in her teaching. Because I loved my first experience so much, I signed up for the second prenatal course and hope to continue classes after giving birth!

Awesome yoga center. The teachers are all very nice and the entire center has a nice aura to it. Classes tend to start about five minutes early and end about 1-2 minutes early. Everything that you will need in class is provided to you in the room itself. If you'd like, you can buy your own things but it isn't necessary. Classes run 8-10 weeks and there's a 1-2 week break, which I like. They are also very good with make-ups - if you miss a class, no worries, just come to any equivalent class before the session ends. I love this place! I tried out a couple other yoga centers, and this is by far, the best!

I have been coming to this yoga studio for over a year and love it. The instructors take the time to teach you how to do the yoga poses correctly. I've been to all the yoga studios in the area and have yet to experience anything like the Yoga Health Advantage. I've learned so much in the year that I've been coming here. I've taken classes with many of their instructors and they were all exceptional, especially Susan, Angelika, Erin and Pat. Their instructors are extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of yoga and do a great job teaching. The other yoga studios I went to in the area had a sexy studio and lovely wall color, but not a single instructor would correct you if you did the poses wrong. That's the difference at the Health Advantage, the instructors care about each persons safety and do an amazing job teaching the poses.

This is a great studio for people who really want to get into a solid yoga practice. The class times are pretty flexible especially for those who work, I don't have to stress about coming directly from work. All of the instructors I have had have been excellent, they really try to focus on getting you into the proper posture and help you provide adjustments if you have certain issues. The free class at the beginning of sessions is a nice thing to take advantage of if you want to check it out.

A well-run enterprise that offers newcomers a chance to sit in on a class before taking one. Not an inexpensive venture, they allow make up classes for those who miss a session. The rooms are clean and pleasant, filled with soft, relaxing, tonal music. Mats and blankets for resting poses are provided. The instructors are usually working toward additional yoga certification and always end their classes with stress reducing relaxation. They have a lesson plan to follow, so clients should have no problem if they are enrolled in the proper level of yoga. After taking one level twice, I was overly familiar with the routines and wound up bored. The liberal make up policy may actually interfere with the building of a bond among the students, because the composition of the classes varies from week to week. The center itself was business-like, functional and organized. I got the stretching sessions I wanted and my back has given me no problems since then. Students typically arrived just before class began and left immediately after it concluded without any social interaction or conversation. The atmosphere didn't suit me. I left after two cycles of classes.

Great studio for all levels. I love that the instructors continue their education, training and certification. I have taken classes with several different instructors and enjoy that while the lesson plan may be the same, I continuously learn something new with each instructor's perspective and approach. I always feel better after each class.

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