What is Acro Yoga Virginia?

September 1, 2018
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unspecified-1There are, at minimum, three players in every acro pose. The base has the most contact with the ground. The flyer is typically in the air, elevated by the base. And the spotter is there to keep everyone safe and provide assistance when needed. Sometimes additional bases, flyers, and spotters come into play, such as when we’re doing pyramids (yep — just like cheerleaders).

Every class has two primary components: the high-flying acrobatics, and feel-good therapeutics. The acrobatics are the flashy tricks, but it’s important to balance the intensity and build trust with your partner through the more restorative side of the practice. We’ll always dedicate the last 30 minutes to partner therapeutics.

Do I need experience?

The class is called Acro 101 for a reason! Every class starts from scratch. You’ll go through a bunch of basic poses and dig into the elements that make it work for the base, flyer, and spotter.

Ultimately, the students dictate the pace of the class. If we need to spend more time to nail a pose, we’ll stay there. If everyone is picking it up quickly, there’s plenty to build up to. And if it’s a mix, there are always variations to play with. No one ever gets left behind and no one is ever bored.

Do I need a partner?

Nope! In fact, Acroyoga is actually a great way to meet new people. Nothing gets you comfortable with someone you just met quite like trusting them to lift you in the air. Even if you do bring a partner, you’ll probably end up working in a larger group at some point.

I’m too big to fly or not strong enough to base.

This is probably the most common fear people have, and it’s totally understandable. But here’s the thing. While strength definitely comes into play, if you’re working crazy hard, something probably needs adjusting.Bone stacking is a key concept in Acroyoga. Muscles get tired, but your bones stay strong. If your bones are lined up properly (we’ll cover this in class), and in alignment with your partner’s, you can shift the work out of your muscles. Then the size of your partner becomes less important.

Many of the beginner poses are a chance to try out being both base and flyer. Doing so can even help you better understand your partner’s perspective. As you continue to practice, you may find you’re more comfortable in one role — or you might continue to switch it up.

I just don’t think I can do it.

There’s no way to really know until you try. You’re welcome to observe part of a class if you’re still uncertain, but we promise, no one ever sits on the sidelines for long. And if you still have questions, feel free to send us an email or Facebook message.

Source: projectyogarichmond.org
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