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February 16, 2018
What Is the Best Yoga Mat for

In order to determine the best home insurance company in West Virginia, we examined and rated the five most popular companies in the state using the methodology we applied to our review of national companies. We analyzed customer service, coverage options, discounts, financial strength, and the claims process of each insurer. Quote prices will vary based on your location and factors such as the age of your home, so we recommend utilizing our quote tool in conjunction with our rankings to find the home insurance company that’s right for you.


When it comes to comprehensive, affordable homeowners insurance, Allstate can’t be beat. The website’s interactive education center is leaps and bounds ahead of the resources other insurers offer, making it a particularly wise choice for first-time home insurance buyers with plenty of questions. Of particular note is the Common and Costly Claims tool, which allows you to see the types of claims most frequently processed for your zip code.

Allstate also allows customers to get a sense of how the specifics of their homes affect their rates through the Premium Gauge tool, which helps to ensure you lock in the lowest possible premium for your needs. We also liked the Digital Locker tool, which gives you a convenient place to keep track of your valuable belongings. You simply upload photos of your items using your smart phone and can call on the documentation should you need to file a claim. None of our other recommendations come close to this level of ease.

The discounts offered through Allstate were also bar none. You receive up to 30 percent off for a multi-policy discount, along with a 10 percent discount just as a “welcome” for signing up. That being said, Allstate isn’t perfect and earned relatively low scores in a Consumer Report homeowners insurance survey. Despite this, their online quote tool was clear and convenient to use. For a comprehensive yet straightforward plan, Allstate won’t steer you wrong.


Nationwide’s commitment to claims services, comprehensive endorsements and discounts, and affordable coverage options earned it the number two ranking for West Virginia insurance companies. Of particular note is the company’s dedication to covering all types of losses. The Brand New Belongings program can be added to any plan and guarantees any damaged belongings be replaced with brand-new equivalents.

The claims process is also a breeze thanks to an online claims center, available on the Nationwide mobile app. These resources are likely the reason Nationwide received a four out of five for Claims Experience in Consumer Reports’ homeowners insurance survey. Though not quite as robust as Allstate’s learning center, Nationwide offers educational resources through its website and mobile app.

Liberty Mutual

In terms of customer service, Liberty Mutual ranked just behind Allstate, making it one of the most competitive providers in West Virginia. What sets Liberty Mutual apart, however, are its unique customer benefits. Particularly, the Emergency Home Repairs service, available around the clock, sends a professional to immediately begin repairs on your home should it incur damage. It can be priceless peace-of-mind to know that someone will be there to help you if a major storm wreaks havoc on your home.

While many insurers offer 24/7 claims management services, only LIberty Mutual provides immediate repair services. That, along with an extensive list of available discounts, makes Liberty Mutual a strong contender for reliable, affordable home insurance in West Virginia.

State Farm

While its reader score in the Consumer Report’s homeowners insurance survey was an astounding 15 points higher than Allstate’s, State Farm’s overall offerings and resource center didn’t quite compare. That being said, there’s a lot to love about State Farm. Take, for instance, the online quote tool and home inventory calculator. The learning center, while not as robust as Allstate’s, is still informative and useful.

State Farm also offers significant discounts and endorsements, with their standard policy covering sewer backup, freezing, and damage from snow. Specifically, State Farm provides endorsements for building code upgrades. Given that most West Virginia houses were built in the 1970s, this optional coverage is important for aging homes.

Erie Insurance Group

Erie Insurance only operates in 12 states, making West Virginians especially lucky as the provider offers some of the lowest rates around. The lower premiums don’t cost you in terms of claims satisfaction or customer service, seeing that Erie earned high scores from J.D. Power for overall service.

Source: www.reviews.com
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