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February 26, 2019
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Programs at the Earthwalk RetreatThe Ways, in Earthwalk Ways, are ways we learn to listen to ourselves, our lives and nature for the clues to the soul movements within us. They are ways we learn to go through the passages and squeezes life brings with a little more faith and grace. They are ways to awaken and evolve in consciousness to an integral level, which is helpful on earth and is the human of the future.

The Earthwalk “Ways” are all examples of three basic principles and practices I call,

The Art of Deep Listening, Soul Whispering, and Natural Communion.

Natural Communion Nature Programs work with our relationship to the ecological and sacramental aspects of Mother Nature. We have largely been uprooted from daily life in a natural setting and our sensitivities have atrophied. We live in a thinking realm and nature lives in a sensory, feeling realm. Nature can restore something very vital to us, a sense of being, receptivity and trusting inter-connectivity.

There is a growing and significant body of research that is showing us much of modern disease, ie. stress, can be seen as the effect of “Nature Deficit Disorder.” This new healing modality is called Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy. It is a wonderful form of Contemplative Mindfulness in Nature. I have added the Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy Guide Trainings to my list of Natural Communion offerings. Email me to get on my list for next year’s Forest Therapy Guide Training weekends.

Programs include ceremony of all kinds personal and collective.The Art of Soul Whispering is about your life experience and your personal story here on earth, which is a reflection of the inner landscapes of your soul. Discovering the relationship between your life experience and your own inner landscape is what frees us to experience a life of fulfillment and meaningful learning. We learn how to “deeply listen” into our inner energy states and feelings. The same witnessing, mindful presence we learn to practice in nature is applied to our own inner nature. Using this form of mindfulness, we discover the undiscovered country. We also discover the joy of being and the music of life.

Taken together, the Art of Deep Listening, Soul Whispering and Natural Communion, is a complete program that is deeply nurturing, transformative and awakening, offering healing for us and for Mother Nature.

There are many fun and wonderful practices and ways we incorporate this on individual retreats and group workshops here.

Natural Communion Nature Programs and Practices include:
Labyrinth and Waking Dream Walks
Rappahannock River Quest (Day long Nature emersion experience, floating the river.)
Nature/Vision Quest. Solo’s or Supported Nature Immersion retreats.
Classes in Nature Attunement, Contemplation and Meditation. (Forest Bathing)
Nature and ceremony. Nature Crafts
Sweat Lodge and Medicine Wheel Teachings. ( these are not traditional lodges but support and celebrate the grounding in the feminine energies of being and receptivity that allow us to walk in balance on the medicine wheel of life.)
Nature as Portal to the Spiritual and Shamanic Realms.
Nature As Spiritual Practice
Full Moon Fire Circles and Drumming Circles

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