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February 10, 2019
Best instagram fitness photos

We’ve known it for a while now—yogis just aren’t like everyone else. While our non-yogi friends use Instagram to snap selfies and culinary creations, we can be found marveling at the insane asanas mastered by the yogis of Instagram.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, instructional videos, or just some good old fashioned yoga fun, these yogis will make a great addition to your Instagram feed.

1. Laura Sykora – @laurasykora

Who is she? Laura’s passion for yoga grew from a Level 1 Baron Baptiste Power Flow Yoga video—on VHS! Now a wife, mother, and “Instayogi” celeb with over 900, 000 followers, she practices yoga daily to find stillness in her busy life. She’s also one half of the team over at Two Fit Moms, an awesome site Laura started with her fellow yogi and longtime best friend, Masumi Goldman. You can also follow Masumi on Instagram at @Masumi_G.

Why her followers love her: Her commitment to daily practice. You can count on Laura to post instructive photos of her practice every day. She also participates in Instagram yoga challenges to keep the inspiration flowing. As a bonus, the photos of Laura and her “mini” (like the one above) are some of the best yoga posts on Instagram.

2. Kerri Verna – @beachyogagirl

Who is she? Kerri is a yoga instructor who loves to teach on the beach! As a mother of two young boys, she understands the value of staying fit, which has led her to pursue five separate fitness certifications, including Pilates and Personal Training. She can usually be found on Instagram striking awesome yoga poses around West Palm Beach.

Why her followers love her: Her gorgeous beachside photos and her sunny personality. Her positive attitude shines through in her videos showing difficult group poses. As advanced and challenging as her asanas are, she makes them look doable and rewarding, inspiring her followers to push themselves just a little bit further each time they practice.

3. Brian Miller – @brianmilleryoga

Who is he? After 15 years of boxing, Brian gave yoga a try, not knowing it would change his life. Inspired by his own transformation, Brian opened a studio at his home in Montreal and began teaching yoga online.

Why his followers love him: His inspirational attitude and accessible teaching style. Brian never hesitates to tell his followers when a pose he’s demonstrating is difficult, and that it’s okay if you don’t get it right! His Instagram page is full of words of wisdom, such as “Any single pose should never be an end goal. Instead it should be used as a key to open the door to something new.”

Photo credit: 4. Kathryn Budig – @kathrynbudig

Who is she? Kathryn is a foodie, yoga fanatic, and writes for publications like Yoga Journal, Gaiam, and MIndBodyGreen. She’s also the yoga expert at Women’s Health Magazine. When she’s not writing and traveling to teach at awesome festivals like Wanderlust, Kathryn can be found working on her project, Poses for Paws, a non-profit that raises money for animal shelters through yoga.

Why her followers love her: Her friendly attitude and super-cute dog photos! Kathryn posts quirky photos of her daily life, from hanging out with her pups in California to doing splits in front of the Eiffel Tower. Following Kathryn on Instagram is like following one of your best friends—who just happens to be an international yoga teacher and successful fitness writer.

5. Taylor Harkness – @tjhark

Who is he? Taylor is a yoga instructor whose mission is to inspire his students to have fun on and off the mat. His classes are known for being upbeat and inspiring, and no one leaves his studio without a smile. In addition to being a great yoga teacher, Taylor is also an avid rock climber and self-proclaimed “hungry learner.”

Why his followers love him: His sweet personality and crazy flexibility! He’s the ultimate proof that flexibility doesn’t have to be barrier for guys who practice yoga. His posts do a great job balancing difficult poses with an upbeat, down to earth attitude and genuine appreciation for life.

6. Carson Clay Calhoun – @carsonclaycalhoun

Who is he? Carson Clay Calhoun is a movement enthusiast and yoga instructor who got his start in yoga thanks to a nudge from his mom. Carson brings a unique blend of disciplines to his yoga classes, incorporating everything from dance to Indo Board Balancing.

Why his followers love him: His hilarious upside-down escapades. As a self-proclaimed Handstand-up Comedian and Inverted Beatboxer, Carson’s followers are never at a loss for yoga-related fun in their feed. He’s made it his Instagram mission to make upside-down #stopdropandbeatbox a thing, and we hope he succeeds!

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