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March 25, 2018
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Current Community Classes:
New Kent County, VA

Tuesday 11AM Senior Connections- chair- New Generations Church, 6160 Pocahontas Trl.
Tuesday 6:30PM Level 1 Mat Class- 2nd floor Cornerstone Support Services, Providence Forge
Wednesday 12:00 PM - Gentle Chair Yoga Class
Location: Heritage Public Library, 6215-D Chesapeake Circle, New Kent, Virginia 23124
*To register for class, call the Heritage Public Library 804-966-2480.

Charles City County, VA

Location: Ruthville Gym, 13100 The Glebe Lane, Charles City, Virginia 23030
Time: Monday 9:00 AM - Level 1 Mat Yoga Class
10:00 AM - Chair Yoga Class
6:30 PM - Level 1 Mat Yoga Class
Wednesday 10:00 AM - Chair Yoga Class- Charles City, Ruthville gym

Therapeutic Yoga Private Sessions
Are you reluctant or embarrassed to join a group class? Don’t let this barrier keep you from the wonderful physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga and meditation. Start Here! As a Registered Nurse, Certified YogaNurse® and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, I can educate, motivate and inspire you to reach optimal health and wellness through Yoga and Meditation!

Private Sessions offered
One Hour- one or two people- Fundamentals and history of Yoga, explanation of breath work, poses and resting pose with meditation. A Level one, beginner friendly, chair or mat class designed for your needs.

One Hour- one person- Create an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to your health and wellness. Combine the complementary arts of Yoga and Meditation with your physician recommendations. Comprehensive health review and customized yoga program written just for you. This one hour session will explore your health history, restrictions and physical abilities. A Yoga program of the style and length you require will be written and sent to you. Health and wellness coaching included.

Location: Private sessions are held at my private studio.

Arrangements can be made for private sessions in your home if you are bed bound or chair bound and traveling is difficult. Additional fee required depending on travel time.
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