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February 21, 2018
Relaxing yoga pose to help


Slow, Stretch, Delicious | All Levels | Active & Gentle | 75 minutes
FIND YOUR CALM: Offering deep opening for the muscles and soothing poses. Help increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as you explore the practice of awareness for optimal health and well being. You will be offered modifications or deeper interpretations of poses, as required or wanted. The pace of this class will allow you to work deeply and also sink into a beautiful pace of calm. *Wednesdays at 7:45 PM*

Unwind Yoga 101 | All Levels | Active & Gentle | 60 minutes
OPEN YOUR BODY: Undo the effects of stress, anxiety, “busyness”, and shallow breathing through alignment based vinyasa and yoga kurunta (rope wall) designed to open the body and mind. It’s your time to unwind, decompress and elevate your spirit.

Yoga 101 *Basics | All Levels | Active & Gentle | 60 minutes
FUNDAMENTALS OF YOGA: Designed for the beginner and experienced yogi. Students are offered assistance and given the opportunity to understand alignment principles and movements to maximize safe, informed range of motion.

Gentle/Therapeutic| All Levels | Gentle | 75 minutes
Experience slow moving, supported and passive postures that allow the body to naturally release, letting go of held tension and stress. This practice invokes a natural state of healing rest, renewal and equanimity. Simple range of motion exercises, accessible postures and breathing techniques will help alleviate pain, improve core strength and balance the hips.

Gentle/Restorative | All Levels | Gentle| 75 minutes
DE-STRESS: Experience supported and passive postures to help de-stress the internal workings of the body so that all systems can work optimally. Help reduce blood pressure, increase 'good' cholesterol levels, improve digestion, and reduce muscle tensions.

Guided Meditation/Yoga Nidra | All Levels| Gentle | 60 minutes
LEARN TO RELAX: 85% of all disease is stress related! – it’s the biggest epidemic we face today! We need to learn how to relax and these classes will show you how.
This is a wonderfully easy and accessible type of meditation. Learn how to bring conscious awareness to deep relaxation, understand how it works, and experience how you can achieve inner peace. Through a series of guided visualizations and deep relaxation techniques you can access the deeper realms of the mind, allowing for the release of the sources of tension. No prior yoga experience required. ALL welcome.

Meditation | All Levels | Gentle | 60 minutes
BLISSFULLY BE: Reduce stress, improve focus, and support healthy emotions. Meditation Courses and Workshops are held throughout the year. A FREE silent meditation class is held every Wednesday at 1:30PM - 2:00PM in-studio.

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