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August 14, 2017
With pilates room
6809 Old Dominion Dr
McLean, VA 22101
(571) 723-6200

Excellent instructors and top-of-the-line equipment. Class sizes are small so that you get great bang for your buck in group classes. Instructors pay attention to whether you're doing the exercises correctly and offer modifications if you have injuries or need more/less exertion to work at your own level. Some fitness centers sort of stress me out. This one doesn't - very welcoming and low-key. I highly recommend Pengu.

In terms of location and overall cleanliness, I'd have to give Pengu a five star rating. It is central, easy to find, lots of parking and very inviting. One or two small admin issues keep me from giving it a five. I may review this after more time spent at Pengu. The instructors are top notch. They really know how to run their classes.

Pengu is awesome! A friendly Pilates studio that is great for beginners or pros. They have plenty of reformers, towers, and chairs - plus a private room and Cadillac. The instructors all have different styles, so it is easy to find a good fit. I work with Laura and have also taken classes with Heather - both are great! The online scheduling system is easy to use, too. You must cancel with more than 24 hrs notice or get charged, but that is pretty standard. I used to go to a place where it was 48 hrs! They also do yoga classes and private yoga, but no Pilates mat to my knowledge.

I went to Pengu while in town for a weeklong visit. As I am about to embark on a 200-hour yoga teacher training, I decided to get three one-to-one sessions as part of a deal offered to new students so that I could get extra attention regarding poses and transitions that I was either confused about or still struggling with physically. Jasmine was my instructor, and I cannot speak highly enough of her skills and embodiment of the many principles of yoga. She provided excellent instruction, and answered all of my questions fully and with great patience. I definitely felt helped by her one-to-one instruction and was able to get greater clarity about certain poses and transitions. I also liked how she would sometimes comment on the specific benefits of certain poses, which gave me greater motivation, especially when feeling challenged. And at the end of every Savasana, she read an inspiring poem or quote, which I found comforting and inspirational. I really appreciated how she embraced yoga in its totality, not just focusing on the poses, but treating it as the multifaceted spiritual practice that it is. After 3 sessions with Jasmine, I went to the Saturday morning (930) group class that was led by another instructor (forget her name). This was an extremely challenging and good workout, but the class was devoid of any spirituality whatsoever - so if you are into yoga mainly for the exercise, you would likely really like this class as she definitely pushes you to your body's limit. The other students seemed quite nice and friendly. The studio itself is very clean and conveniently located. They also offer pilates but I didn't take any of those classes.

I come for Zumba classes here and it's a lot of fun. It's challenging dancing so it gets you sweating, but the loud and fast music, the other people in the class and the great instructors motivate you to keep going. the good thing about Zumba is that you can be as hard on yourself as you want to be, or if you want to take it easier that's no problem either. I only wish they offered it more often on weeknights!

A wonderful pilates studio, easy to park at. The studio is quite clean and the students are very good about wiping down equipment and mats after using them. The interior is well maintained with approachable instructors. Both Sarah and Erin are good. More mat classes please! What's interesting about the registration...you can sign up early online, but if you try to cancel with 24 hours, you lose the cost of the class. So now I sign up online the day of the class or a few minutes before I head out the door, once I'm certain my schedule will allow me to attend. No sense signing up early if I'm just going to get penalized when my work schedule changes. The schedule use to incorporate more yoga...would be great if they brought more yoga options back. Overall, a great place to plug into with flexible class options. I like that the classes are usually an hour or less...easier to manage with work schedule during the week.

At last a good pilates studio has arrived in McLean in a commuter friendly location. There are a couple other good studios in McLean but they are hidden away and their location discourages commuters. My comments address Reformer Classes. I've experienced 4 instructors. I would rate 2 of them as 5*, the third as 4.5* and the fourth as 4*. They know their stuff. They watch and correct posture. They encourage you to try harder. You know you've been working out. This studio is a recent addition to McLean, so expect classes to have only a couple of students at times. More personal attention! I hope more people find this gem. I'm looking forward to more classes before and after work.

Excellent!!! The studio was easy to find, immaculate and inviting. The admin was very friendly and personable. I had a personal session with Summer and I'm so going again. Her knowledge of movement anatomy is truly remarkable and a level that I really admired. I was truly impressed and had a fantastic work out. My body hasn't been challenged like that in a very long time and I go to the gym 4-6 times a week!! I learned a lot about my alignment and proper postural movements that I'm implementing in my daily life and I can feel a huge difference already. As a side benefit that night was the best sleep I've had in years. I can't wait to go back.

This review makes me sad to write. I had really been enjoying my first sessions, and then today they didn't have the instructor/owner show up for a class that I had scheduled online. There were two of us who had signed up, and no one was there to teach the class. They market so that it looks like you can drop in, but I would definitely be wary of that option. Even with a reservation, the class didn't happen. Very disappointing and I'll post if I find an alternative place that shows up for their scheduled classes.

I'm a Pilates teacher in the Seattle area (I grew up in DC though) and I drop into classes here whenever I'm back in town. The studio is clean and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I've taken class from several of the instructors and they have all been fun, challenging and safe workouts. All in all a really nice experience. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to get into Pilates :)

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