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January 10, 2018
A yoga class for LGBTIQ folks

Abby Simes

Hailing from Boston by way of Seattle, Virginia and New York City, Abby is thrilled to bring her yoga practice to Westchester, where she lives and teaches locally. Abby discovered yoga in 2006 in Lexington, Virginia while attending law school. Her interest followed her to New York City, where she pursued advanced yoga studies while simultaneously working as an attorney at a large law firm. Putting aside her corporate career to pursue her passion for yoga, Abby sought out teachers from a variety of backgrounds - a journey which has taken her all over the world, including to India, Mexico, Greece, and Costa Rica, where she received her 200hr yoga certification from the Marianne Wells Yoga School. Abby's yoga style is rooted in a combination of Prana Flow, traditional Vinyasa, Hatha, and her own special blend of mindfulness and fairy dust.Picture Abby teaches a variety of yoga classes, but most loves teaching students how yogic and ayurvedic principles can heighten self awareness and enhance the happiness potential of any life path. Abby lives in Pleasantville with her husband, three children, and her favorite yoga partner, Lucy the dog.

Shannon Doty

Shannon turned to yoga after 15 years as a massage therapist. Yoga became a tool that helped her body heal therapeutically from the stress and pain she was feeling. Shannon realized through her practice that she could give people the tools they needed to heal themselves. She became certified to teach yoga in October 2013.Picture She strive to teach classes that encompass more than just the physical practice. Shannon incorporate philosophy, dynamic movement guided by breath, and meditation into every class that she teach. Her background in massage therapy has given her a strong foundation in anatomy. She utilize that knowledge to aid students in alignment and how to properly engage in the poses. Though there is an element of challenge, students are encouraged to explore movement, breath, and witness the possibilities as they unfold. Picture

Jenna Hartman

The Pleasantville native, Jenna Hartman, began her yoga practice when she was just twelve years old when her Mom started taking classes. She instantly fell in love and began to incorporate yoga and its principles into her daily life. She feels so passionate about what yoga has given to her, a healthy mind, body, and soul. Jenna always knew she wanted to one day teach yoga but she was busy finishing up her Master's Degree. She began to take workshops with internationally known Yoga teachers, Kathryn Budig, Kino Macgregor, Patrick Beach, AcroBeyond, and Mackenzie Miller to deepen her Vinyasa and inversion practice. After graduating, she knew it was the right time to start her Yoga Teacher Training. Jenna is so excited to bring her life-long passion into the lives of her students. She hopes to sprinkle her students lives with love, humor, and creative sequencing.

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