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June 17, 2018
Classes – Uttara Yoga Studio

training1With special guest instructors Chris Pohowsky and Gail Steele

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn, expand, explore and grow?

We have been honored to witness and guide seekers over the past three years and have seen this community come ALIVE with the teachings. Whether you come into the training in order to teach OR if you just want to advance your practice and learn more about yoga and yourself, our program provides a beautiful and sacred experience.

Are you ready to shift your life and therefore improve the world? Are you ready for change, evolution and huge heaps of love? We’re ready for you!

The 200-hour Uttara Yoga Teacher Training will guide you to embody the spiritual and physical teachings of yoga and skillfully and joyfully teach you how to guide others.

This program offers a unique and solid foundation for students and teachers who wish to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching yoga; deepen their living practice of yoga; and advance upon their spiritual path. This in-depth teacher training draws upon the streams of Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Kriya Yoga and Ayurveda, as well as the art of skillfully teaching the Santana Dharma (spiritual disciplines designed to awaken us to a life of joy, health and purpose). We will work together to create a sacred space in which all levels of student can participate and study the deeper teachings.

More than a yoga teacher training program, this is a program in which you will directly experience the power of practice and cultivate the true presence of the teacher. We find that learning in an immersive, embodied, and uplifting way that weaves the spiritual traditions of yoga into our modern lifestyle; enhances our experience of being alive; helps us find greater purpose and meaning in our lives; and gives us tools for effecting change in the world around us.

Our training is a 200-hour Teacher Training Program registered with the Yoga Alliance, the national registry for yoga schools. Upon completion, you will be awarded a certificate of completion and you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

Study Topics Include:

  • Study Topics Include:
    – Technique in Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
    – Classical Yoga Philosophy and The Yoga Sutras
    – Yamas and Niyamas
    – Tantra and Kriya Approaches to Asana, Bandha
    – Pranayama, Meditation, Kriya, Mudra and Mantra
    – Techniques for sequencing based on biomechanical and energetic intelligence
    – Western & Eastern Anatomy & Physiology
    – Introduction to Ayurveda
    – Assisting, Hands-on and Basic Therapeutics
    – The Four Desires (manifesting your intentions in the realm of the worldly and the spiritual)
    – Teaching Methodology, Skills & Communication
    – The Ethics of Teaching Yoga
    – Student Teaching & Assisting
    – The Business of Yoga
  • Attendance Policy & Make-up
    In order to receive your certificate of completion, it is important that you attend ALL training hours as scheduled. If you miss a session, you will be permitted to make up a maximum of five hours through extra reading and/or class observation. If you miss more than five hours of training you will have to pay $75 per hour for private instruction to make up the hours.

    Cancellation, Withdrawal & Refund
    No refunds are given. A credit may be applied to future trainings, but only in the case of illness or extreme circumstances.

    There is a possibility that the physical location of Uttara Yoga Studio may change during the training period; we will communicate with you any change in location and commit to you that it will not be any more than 15 miles from the current location at 1217 Maple Avenue, Roanoke.

    Additional Hours
    You will be required to observe and assist yoga classes as a part of this training; we will work with your schedule, but be advised that these additional hours will be required.

    Please register to reserve your space. Online Payment includes a 3% handling fee. Reduced full Tuition price of $2550 is for early payment received before September 1st, 2016.

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