Main Street Yoga Virginia

September 13, 2020
Main Street Yoga
90 N Main St
Ste 101
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
(540) 208-6056

HYH is a wonderful studio! 4 of the most amazing instructors lead you through postures & breathing exercises. Each of them give personal, helpful and always positive feedback during your practice and after. They're always willing to answer any questions you may have. Kendall, Joe, Danielle & Kirk can also make recommendations about postures based on any physical limitations you may have or any issues you're working through. Even the guest instructors are very knowledgeable & add their own flavor to the studio. I love HYH & HIGHLY recommend it!!

After a couple of years of practicing Ashtanga yoga at a number of different studios, I was tired of the competitive attitude and injuries that so frequent ashtangis. BYH was the first Bikram studio I practiced at and it was this studio (and its incredible teachers) that got me hooked on Bikram. The facility is amazingly clean and calming, has a state of the art heating system and flooring, and offers great lighting during your practice. More than this however, the community at BYH is unrivaled. The teachers are welcoming, kind, and talented. They frequently add to the Bikram dialogue with their own unique flair and humor, making classes fun and enjoyable even during those times when you feel like walking out of the hot room. The yogis and yoginis who frequent this studio are also caring and hospitable. They truly became "family" to me during my time in Harrisonburg and I was so lucky to spend 11 months practicing at this incredible place.

Clean, friendly and professional staff, state of the art studio, and COLD LAVENDER TOWELS AT THE END OF CLASS! I must admit that this has to be one of the best yoga studios I have ever practiced. I have been doing Bikram on and off for several years in different studios across the country and BHY, just wins the blue ribbon! From Kendall's smiling face when you first enter the studio, to the clean bathroom and changing areas, to the bright and state of the art studio with anti-bacterial carpet that is clean, and to the amazing yoga class that is very well-instructed, this is an amazing studio. And then after your 26 postures and you think it could not get any better, here comes a cold, lavender wash cloth to drape over your head and just the icing on the cake! For anyone who want to try Bikram or is an experienced Bikram yogi, I would highly recommend this studio. The instructors are amazing and challenge you in a very, very positive way. The whole atmosphere of the studio is friendly and warm (no pun intended!). My only caution is that Kendall has amazing taste in stocking the studio with amazing yoga work-out clothes and other items, so be prepared to spend some $$$, but look awesome! :)

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