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November 25, 2020
Cultivating a grateful heart

ALEXANDRIA, VA - Grateful Juice Co. recently opened inside Junction Bakery & Bistro at 1508 Mt. Vernon Ave. Check out the Patch Q&A here with owner Kimberly Landini.

Q. Why did you start a juice business?

A. I’m passionate about the health benefits that come from drinking fresh juice daily. My goal was to be able to bring fresh juice to my yoga students after class, instead of them reaching for something that won’t really give them energy. I also wanted to increase their awareness, reduce inflammation, etc. It now goes beyond just my yoga students, but that is where the idea originated from. Additionally, My mother has always been a big influence in my life, and she embodied a lot of that. My mom had us shopping at health food stores before they were chic and cool. She’s been vegetarian all her life, so we followed that in our house as well. I grew up eating lots of fresh food, and learning about the importance of a primarily plant-based diet. She’s now juicing here with me at Grateful Juice Co.; she’s part of the juice team.

Q. How do you make your juices?

A. All of our juices are handcrafted, on-site. We bottle them individually.

Q. Where is the produce grown/purchased?

A. We do our best to purchase local produce when available. For instance, our juice, “Glow, ” whose main ingredient is watermelon, comes from a local exchange called the Giving Tree.

Q. Can juices be customized?

A. Our juices are not made to order, however we can customize juice cleanses for our clients if they wish.

Q. What kind of container do you use for your juices?

A. Currently we use a plastic bottle. However, we are actively researching more earth friendly packaging to reduce our carbon footprint!

Q. What inspired the name of your company?

A. Two things, really. I’ve always been fascinated by the ‘60s: the music, the bohemian/free spirit way (the tie dye!). I’ve also always loved the Grateful Dead, so that was part of the reason for the name. Secondly, I incorporated the word grateful because I am, every day, so grateful for my life, for my friends and family, for my yoga school, and for my students. I do what I love every single day.

Q. Is there a juice that seems to be more popular than others?

A. Right now everyone is loving Wanderlust. It’s like a vacation in a bottle!

Q. Are your juices OK for all ages to drink? (young children?) Is there a juice you recommend for younger kids?

A. Obviously this depends on allergies, etc., but overall I would say that the best option for kiddos would be “Fresh.” It’s made with cucumber, celery and apple, so it’s full of greens and tastes delicious!

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