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September 13, 2018
Enter Bocas Yoga, run by the

2014-02-25-healthblogShannon.pngPeople talk a lot about health, weight, and how the two correspond. The general consensus seems to be that "healthy" does not look the same on every body type. Agreed. But what if each body type - each individual - doesn't have one weight or look that reflects personal health? Can the same person be equally healthy at 125lbs and 150lbs? Can we be just as healthy with normal, flat-ish stomachs rather than six packs... even if our bodies are proven to be capable of the latter?

Men and women alike look to the cover of Fitness Magazine or at their marathon-running friends for proof that their bodies are unhealthy or unattractive. These harmful body-to-body comparisons are constantly critiqued and analyzed by talk shows and blogs and Facebook statuses and "real" celebrities.2014-02-25-healthblogmallory.png But what about the comparisons we all make with our past selves? Most of us were at an "ideal" weight at one time in our lives. We have pictures that we look back upon with a sense of anxiety...Why don't I look like that anymore??? That's my body's happy weight. That's when my arms were toned and healthy. I'm ready for the underexposed discussion about the battle many of us face - the one where we use ourselves as the weapon.

At this time, please take 15 seconds for silent reflection. Think of all of the pageant stereotypes you may have immediately placed on me. Let them sink in. Accept them. Now take a deep breath. Let them go. Good, good, now we can move forward.

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