Yoga poses for scoliosis Virginia

June 19, 2018
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Angelika Stadel

Until several years ago I had never been diagnosed with scoliosis, but I always knew that my back was not balanced. Since I didn’t experience any significant pain, aside from stubborn tightness in certain areas, I just lived with it for many years. Only after I began practicing yoga did I pay more attention to the condition of my spine and realized why my back felt the way it did. Yoga taught me to be more aware of my body and to honor it.

Today I consider scoliosis to be a great teacher: If I listen carefully I find the necessary lessons. Since the teacher in me won’t stop talking, I am very motivated to hear what she has to say and to learn from it, be it about my body or about my mental attitude towards my “imperfections”. Yoga helps me to accept my body and provides me with tools to feel better. The yogic principle of putting in the effort without getting attached to the result is a teaching I follow.

Everybody can do yoga for scoliosis, even those new to yoga. Yoga poses are adapted to relieve discomfort and pain. Advanced yoga students will experience familiar poses in a new way, adjusted to their specific needs. After a few sessions you will have learned a series of poses and you will have a good basis for your personal yoga practice.

AngelikaStadelI am registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level and received my teaching certificate from Betsey Downing and Doug Keller. A stay in Pune, India at the Iyengar Institute motivated me to study “Yoga for Scoliosis” with Elise Miller. I am currently teaching at the Health Advantage Yoga Center in Herndon, VA. I also see private clients, work with seniors and teach at various locations in the area.

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